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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nails of the week: Russian Navy

I've been meaning to show you a nail art using tape for a while, but I always would forget to take pictures. Finally got to combine two of my favourite blue shades,china glaze's "Electric Beat" and O.P.I.'s "Russian Navy". This is a super simple design, but its super annoying because you have to wait for coats to dry...and I'm not the most patient person on planet earth. If you can, I'd suggest painting your nails the base colour a day before doing the design...but that might not be convenient for most. Anyway, step one is to cut out little triangles of tape (any clear or coloured tape works) before you apply any polish on your nails so that you don't ruin anything. Two, colour the base coat (Electric Beat) and wait for it to be completely dry! ( I wasn't too patient so my middle finger got a little messed up). three place the triangles on the middle of your nail like below. Fourth,apply the second colour on top (Russian Navy). Finally, wait for everything to be completely dry and take off the tape and applyyour favourite   top coat. Voila

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