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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Personal: Social Media Awards 2013

The reason why I haven't been updating, the reason why I have been sort of neglecting everything, the reason why I have been coming home late for the past month due to meetings... The Social Media Awards 2013.

[Image via Patrick Sawaya Photography]

A concept that was thought of more than a year ago, that started to slowly turn into a reality last summer by Mohammad and Darine.. finally became a reality on April 29th and it was awesome. Yes, it wasn't perfect but I can't express how proud I am of the work done by the Online Collaborative team ( I LOVE YOU GUYS!

It's ALL I've been thinking/talking about this year and I can't believed it actually happened. I was always thinking "Oh it's in April, that's four months away", then April rolled around and it became "Oh it's at the END of April, there's still time", then suddenly it was the night before the event " AHHH IT'S TOMORROW!!!". The day of the event started super early for me because I had a final at 11 am (joy). For one hour and 15 minutes, I was able to stop thinking about the ceremony and focused on my exam. As soon as I handed in my exam, it was back to SMA mode. SO much had to be done on the day, but so little time and so little people. This is why I really want to thank ALL the contributing members, you guys seriously rock! Clock was ticking and people began to arrive. All I could think about was the fact that I had to present two categories, which meant that I had to go on stage... in from of PEOPLE (*hides). My fears of falling off the stage did not become a reality (woohoo), although I managed to fall at the after party (but that's another story for another day which we will never ever discuss). Back to the "AH STAGE PEOPLE" fright. I was to present "Best Facebook Campaign/Page" and "Most Creative Instagram Account" with Bassam from Cloud 961, which went pretty smooth (if I may say so myself).

5. Best Facebook Campaign/Page: Lebanese Memes

6. Most Creative Instagram Account: Live Love Beirut

My favorite Instagram account #LIVELOVEBEIRUT won, woohoo. I got to say Hii to the folks behind the account a couple of minutes before the show began, they were super nice and I'm really glad they won. [SHOUTOUT]

[image via Phoenicia ]
What am I doing?

As soon as I was done presenting, the night went by pretty fast. Everything did stop for one thing though, Haifa. HAIFFA EFFIN WEHBE CAME! (#twss) This part of the night sort of turned into the Haifa Wehbe Show... meh... but she still came to the ceremony, even if you don't like her (like me :P)... it was still very cool of her. One thing though, could we have gotten a better SMA/OC team photo with her? All I have is variations of this photo -__-

[image via Patrick Sawaya Photography ]
A couple of more categories to go, I got a little sad that not everyone I voted for won (just like everyone else :P). Alas, the ceremony was over and it was time for us to change to head on over to the SMA After party hosted by RAGMAG Magazine in partnership with Black Berry ME. I'll leave this photo here to sum up the after party. I will also find and hide all other photographic evidence of the after party so that they may not be used for blackmail for future references. 

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone for all the work. Hijazi, Darine, Fida, OC, AUBOC, HUOC.. I LOVE YOU! Seriously, OC. You have literally been my family this year, and I'm SO proud to be part of it all. I remember the first event we did (Blogging Lebanon) and shopping for food. LOLZ... yii those were the days.

[images via Malakeh Hijazi (My favv HIJAZI :P)]

This year's event was successful, we learned from our mistakes and we're listening to ALL the feedback. We can't please everyone... but I assure you that it's only going to be BIGGER AND BETTER (#twss) next year!!!

Angry Mama
(a.k.a Nouch)


  1. Glad all that hard work paid off! You all look amazing! :-)

  2. Oh, Aline, that's so sweet!!!! Its so funny as I read that you forgot to mention our major panic/fashion drama before the event to see what to wear and highlighting your awesome dress!

    Our team really rocked and you were great on stage! Hopefully next year we will get a chance to sit down and enjoy the event itself.


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