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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nails of the Week: 'Twas my birthday!

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Finals are over, I am finally a happy person again. Well, not really, but at least my stress level has decreased. During a mini study break I took last week, I decided to try out the cupcake nail art for my birthday. I have to admit, this wasn't the easiest thing I've tried, but it wasn't impossible.

What do you think?

What I used: Samoa "Vert Vhouchou", Dt. Germain "Blanche Neige" , Nubar "Nice Purple" and "Red Sea Coral", H&M "Get a rose 4 me", Diamond Shield Top coat, old angle eyeshadow brush (or thin nail art brush), and an old pen (or dotting tool)

Step by step tutorial :

  1.  Apply your base color, I chose a light mint green. (Samoa Vert Chouchou)
  2. Apply the cupcake base color across the tip of the nail like a thick french tip, no need for a perfect line. I went with a dark purple (Nubar "Nice Purple). 
  3. Apply vertical lines with a lighter color on the cupcake base using the eye shadow brush (I mixed the H&M with St. Germain Blanche Neige). Note: you can also use a nail polish with a thin brush.
  4. With the back of the eyeshadow brush, or a thick dotting tool. Dab a bit of white nail polish to make the frosting bit of the cupcake. (Make a rough triangle shape and fill it in).
  5. Using a smaller dotting tool or a tip of an old pen, apply little dots of the base colors (or any other color) as sprinkles.
  6. Finally, add you cherry on top (two dots to make a bigger dot) and don't forget the topcoat to seal everything in! (I used Nubar "Red Sea Coral" for the cherry and Diamond Shield as my top coat) 

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