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Friday, September 28, 2012

Shoe Challenge #28: Purple Cake

WHAT: Coral melissa inspired flats from LOE.
WHEN: September 21st, 2012
WHERE: Hera's surprise birthday at Danny's.
WITH: Dress: H&M, Scarf: Borrowed, Bag: Jal el Dib, Earrings: Accessorize.

My friends and I threw a really awesome surprise party for our friend Hera (hii baybes!) last week. It ended up being quiet a successful surprise, and an awesome partayy. We got her a purple cake from "one direction", because she LOVES purple and her one direction. The cool (and probably unhealthy, but whatevs) thing was that the cake was purple on the outside and purple ombre on the inside. My other awesome and talented friend Diana from "Deezert" made the cake, it not only looked good but tasted like heaven. YUM.

Here's what I wore to this fantastic night out, I stuck with flats because we were going to Hamra which is all about the walking. I wore my new pair of Melissa inspired plastic flats which I have spammed you with via Facebook and Instagram. The outfit is pretty simple, it's a white slightly mulleted dress from H&M, my go to brown satchel, and a jeans jacket (not pictured). The scarf actually belongs to my best friend, and it was an afterthought because I managed to get a stain on the dress thirty minutes before we were supposed to go get the birthday girl and I couldn't change. She pulled out the scarf and saved the outfit and night, hoora!

I have another surprise birthday thing to go to today, hopefully I won't spill anything on myself two seconds before the birthday boy gets there!

What are your plans this weekend??

Creepy nose is creepy. But hey, at least my lashes look pretty!

RtoL: the birthday girl! shoush and me :) THE THREE MUSKATEERS!
Awesome cake is Awesome.

Happy birthday Hera!!


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    1. plain fake pearls studs, slightly make an appearance in the group photo :P


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