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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Favorites: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

[imagesource: H&M]

As most of you know by now, Anna Dello Russo is designing a collection for H&M which is supposed to hit stores October 4th. In Lebanon, it will be available at two H&M branches (ABC Ashrafieh and Beirut Souks), the stores will be open at 8am. The collection is FULL of amazing pieces, I think this is the first time that I want every SINGLE piece from a designer collection.Most of the jewelry has turquoise in it, so it really doesn't take much brain power to understand why I love this collection so much!

Here are my super duper favorites:

Earrings 49,000 LL (33$)
Bracelet 69,000 LL (46$)

Bag 129,000 LL (86 $)

Trolley 379,000 LL (253 $)

Flats 129,000 LL (86 $)

Heels 449,000 LL (300 $)

Will you be passing by H&M this Thursday??


  1. I love the designs she made for H&M. The suitcase is amazing.


  2. I didn't make it to the H&M collaboration as usual! I had nothing but meetings yesterday so I didn't get to go. I love the snake bracelet and the shoes.


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