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Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 2012 Favorites


Sevan from "Seven Autumn Leaves" was right, I got addicted.
I don't need to justify do I? I'll let this post do the talking for me :P
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2) E.L.F. Liquid Liner

I've been wanting to try out ELF products for quiet a while now, they make great products for an even better price. So when my cousin asked me if I wanted anything from the states, I told her to go to Target and get me some ELFs! Obviously, she thought I was crazy and thought I was talking about "real" (um, let's go with real) Santa's helpers, aww Talin (that's her name). Although I told her to get me the gel liner, she got me the liquid liner. Now I'm not a liquid liner person at all, my ability to draw straight lines on my face is very lacking, so I was very iffy to try this out. But I have to say that it applies very smoothly and the handling (doesn't feel like I'm talking about eye liner does it?) is great. Even for a person like me who's hopeless in eyeliner application, I do a pretty good job if I may say so myself.

3) Maybelline Lipstick in 745 Wooden Brown

The perfect natural shade for me, I can't believe I finally found it! Perfect amount of shimmer, smooth and last a while.

4) Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour in "On and on bronze"

(I think the name is different for the MENA marker... I think?)

This is probably my first gel eye shadow I've ever used, I'm usually more of a powder shadow type. But I'd been looking for one a gel shadow that would also double as a primmer, since I'm too lazy to apply primmer. After reading a million (ok maybe 10+) positive reviews about these MAC paint pot dupes, I decided to give it a try. I have to say that it's one of the easiest products to use ever, you just dab your ring finger in the pot and then dab your eyelids and blend. The pigmentation is great, you can use a little for a bit of color or use two layers for a more pigmented look. Either way though, when you apply powder shadow over it it doesn't crease and prolongs the color wear.

5) "Hustle" from the Naked Palette by Urban Decay

I've mentioned the Naked Palette before, it's my favorite in the whole wide world. My favorite color for summer has been hustle, hehe best names ever, which is a pretty grayish slightly shimmery purple. I apply it on top of the color tattor, right above the top lash line (and blend blend blend) and on the bottom line, and the result of a pretty decent natural looking minimal smokey eye, perfect for a lazy summer day and work.

6)Nubar nailpolish in "Red Sea Coral"

As some of you know by now, I'm currently doing a summer internship these two months, and at work we're not really allowed to wear crazy nail polishes (main reason why I haven't done a Nails of the Week post in a while). So I decided to pick up a pretty pink shade to be able to wear to work. This has a slight tint of coral to it, very on trend.

7) The OC

[ imagesource: The WB ]

Yes, I'm aware the show's been off the air for a while now. But I picked up all four seasons at the begining of Jully and have been watching the show the whole month. I know that's it's teenage highschool rich kids drama, but it's sorta has turned into my guilty pleasure show of the month.


  1. HAHA told yaaa! it's a good thing though, join the insta-cult :P


    1. I have officially joined the insta-dark side :P

  2. Beautiful! :)


  3. Oh I miss the OC !!! That show was my fave back then, with Gilmore Girls too !!!

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