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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's in my handbag + makeup bag?

I've done a What's in my bag post twice before, the last time being exactly a year ago. The basics still remain, but some things have changed around. The handbag was a gift from my mommy, and I adore the navy/red/white stripes and chain detail :) This is more of my work/school content, although add books to the school part. The content does change with the size of my bag, but I'm usually carrying a big bag, so this is what you can expect. 

Let's take a look inside!

1)HP baby laptop,
2)Kenneth Cole wallet (replacing my Nici from last post),
3)Michael Klein makeup bag, I've had this for agessss (also have it in orange).
4) Casio Scientific calculator, to calculate things duh.
5)H&M makeup case used as a pencil case, it has heart on it, SO CUTE! Guess how much it cost :P
2,500 LL :O (that's less than 2 dollars, woohooo)
6) Point and shoot camera,it's an Olympus, for those I don't feel like bringing my big camera days.
7) Marc Jacobs sunglasses, this changes up a lot, but lately I've gone back to wearing these babies.
8) Before & After Mints, peppermint and cinnamon. yum
9)Dettol hand gel
10)Balea young lip balm , "Cherry Dream" from my April Favorites.
11) Keys
12) Earphones


1)Sephora tinted moisturizer in Camel Medium, from my April Favorites.
2)Rimmel 16 hour Lasting Finish in 300 sand.
3) Rimmel The Max Volume flash Mascara, not exactly my favorite but I've been using it a lot lately.
4) Maybelline eyeshadow.
5) Rimmel Concealer in Sand.
6)Rimmel Stay Matte powder, my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MAKEUP PRODUCT EVER, in number 4.
7) Berry Love lipgloss from H&M, smells yummy.
8) Rimmel Kohl liner in white.
9) Samoa liner in 49 purple.
10) Makeup Forever lipstick, forgot the name but it's a gorgeous pink!
11) Lancaster, again with the name, but it's a pretty bright red.
12) Catwalk felt tip liner as seen in my June favorites. 
13) Sonia Kashuk mini makeup brush set, I showed you guys when I first bought it last here, more details here.

So apart from recipes, gum wrappers and coins, that's all folks! 

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