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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: FibreLash Mascara

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DISCLAIMER: I was sent the FibreLash kit to review, ALL opinions are my own.

The lovely folks over at Cosmetology sent me the ModelCo Fabrelash mascara kit, which was just launched in the Middle East, to try out. Being a crazy mascara junkie, I was really excited to give it a try. Fabrelash is not your typical mascara, it's a brush on false mascara; a hybrid between false lashes and mascara, without the hassle of eyelash glue and all that jazz. I love the look of (some) false lashes, but I have the hardest time applying them, I believe I need more practice. So when I read that this mascara gives you the falsies look without actual falsies, I thought that was brilliant.
I finally got the package around two weeks ago, and have been testing out the product ever since. First of all, there are two tubes/mascaras in the kit, one of them is the "lash fibers" and the other is "extension mascara". 
The product is SUPER easy to use, just apply one coat of the "extension mascara" then a coat of "lash fibres" and finish it off with another coat of "extension mascara". The only tricky part is to make sure that you don't get too much fuzz when applying the "lash fibers" and making sure it doesn't go in your eye.

Close up on the wands.


  • Easy to use.
  • It makes your lashes seem bigger, it adds volume and length. Two things which a mascara should do for me to like it.
  • It doesn't smudge, a HUGE plus for me, especially if I'm going to use it in summer. I wore it to an outdoor wedding, with lot's of humidity and dancing and the mascara stayed on perfectly the whole night. I also tried it during the day at work on a super sunny/humid day, again no smudging. 
  • If applied right, minimal clumping. This is both a pro and a con because you need to get used to apply the second coat right. Tip, don't rush it.
  • Easy to take off, which is usually a problem with my waterproof mascaras which don't smudge. You take the mascara off with warm water and makeup remover. 
  • If you want to a quick look, using the "extension mascara" alone will give your eyelashes a decent boost. 


  • It's not as much volume and length as you'd expect from a pair of false lashes. Which is not a con for me personally since I'm not a regular false eyelash user. It's more of a natural boosted look than a pair of false lashes.  (If you're a regular user of false lashes, you might not like that, so I thought I'd mention it). 
  • Horrible clumping if applied wrong, it all depends on how careful you are with step 2.


A great product if you're not a usual user of false eyelashes, because the final look is more dramatic than a normal mascara which promises volume. If you're used to the false eyelashes look, then you probably might be disappointed with the product. 

Would I purchase this? 

Probably not. At $50 a kit, it's a bit over my normal mascara budget.  Although they currently have a deal on the website, you can purchase two kits for $80. 

Additional info:

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the FibreLash kit to review, ALL opinions are my own.


  1. I've tried a lot of different mascaras and the honest truth is...none of them really will achieve the look of false eyelashes. Sorry to hear it wasn't everything you had hoped for.

    1. That is very true :) It's ok though, I'm happy with not using false lashes but still getting a decent voluminous look :)
      What's your favorite mascara?

  2. I never heard of the brand, but the brush looks good! Do you think it's available in different colors?

    1. It's a new brand, just launched in the region. I'm not even sure if it's available in Lebanon yet :P
      It is currently only available in black :)


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