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Sunday, July 8, 2012

June Favorites

1)"Vert Chouchou" by Samoa

I'm a big fan of Samoa nail polishes, and this mint green color caught my eye. It quickly has turned to my favorite summer go-to color!

2) Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick "01"

I've mentioned about 101 times how I'm not a huge lipstick/gloss fan, I do buy lip products but I hardly ever use them. They end up in some purse of mine here and there, and my best friend ends up borrowing them most of the time. Whenever I do actually use a lipstick, I usually go for nudes or pinks. After watching the  "Hello Sailor" makeup tutorial by the makeup chair. I decided I MUST try a red lipstick. This is actually the first ever red lipstick I have bought myself, and I have to say that I really am loving the red lip look. My only problem is smudging and looking like the joker after a while. Anyone have any tips for that?

3) Catwalk eyeliner by Samoa

Another entry by Samoa, I originally picked up this felt tip liner in green and recently got it in black. It has been my go-to liner for summer because it stays on the whole day and has very minimal smudging. It's also only 6,000LL (4 $) which makes it one of my favorite "drugstore" eyeliners steals.

4) Max Factor, Lash extension effect

90% of my mascaras are by Maybelline, I absolutely love their mascaras, they're super voluminousness and look fabulous. But I've been meaning to try out some new brands and a less volume/more lengthening one out. My mom picked this up a while back, and I just got around to trying it out. It has quickly become my go to mascara for work, because it's subtle but does its job. I also really like the color because it's brown black instead of plain black, so it also works well on my eyebrows as well. 

5) ICE CREAM: Snickers bars & Jolly Bonjus 

[image source: StuffIeatfrom711 ]
[ image source: Bonjus Facebook ]

HA! For people who complain I talk about shoes a lot, here's some ice cream.Nothing says SUMMAAA like a popsicle, my favorite is by a Lebanese brand called Bonjus. It's probably the cheapest and yummiest summer treat ever. As a more ice cream rather Popsicle product, I'm really loving the snickers ice cream bar. On an related note: Greece is broke

6) Call Me Maybe Parodies.

[image source: Quickmeme.com ]

It all started in April when I took part in a Rally paper competition at my university, and one of the challenges was to make a "Call Me Maybe" parody video. Since April, I think I've watched every SINGLE parody video of "Call me maybe" on YouTube. My favorites include: Harvard Baseball parody, Key of Awesome, Baby parody. The is definitely one of the hits of the summer, it was fun at first, but now gets on my nerves. But I really really love the parodies.

7) Watching UEFA games with friends + BEEER

I cannot even describe to you what it's like to be in Lebanon during eurocup/world cup time, shiz gets crazy over here. People are SO into it, they have flags of the team they support on their cars, dangling from their balconies, in front of restaurants, and of course on the ladies nails. People who've never watched a single football game suddenly become experts at it, it's annoying and funny at the same time. I'm not a crazy football fan myself, but I have been supporting Germany since I was 6. My best friend  on the other hand is a  HUGE football fan who supports England, she's also a little nuts (love you!). We've sorta started a tradition of watching games together. [Unless it's England versus Germany, in that case I watch is as FAAARR away from her as possible, because as I've mentioned she's nuts! :P]

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