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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How do you feel about: Flatforms?

I can't even say the word "flatform" without wanting to smack the person who came up with that word. For those of you who have been lucky enough to avoid knowing what these monstrous footwear creatures are, I apologize for having to be the person to inform you of their existence. A flatform is basically a pair of flats, with a solid flat platform. Making it look like an innocent pair of shoes have a block stuck to the bottom of them, elevating them. When they first came out, the platforms were completely flat, but now the genius designers of the world have come to the accept how hideous they look so they've added a slight curve. Which doesn't make the shoe thaatttt much prettier, but it's an important improvement that I truly appreciate.

I personally hate this "trend" *shudder*, I have yet to see a pair of flatforms that are decent looking, but looks aside... how does one walk in these things? There's a girl in my university who keeps wearing them, and I've decided to name her "flatform girl". Every time I see her, I worry that she's going to fall face first. 

How do you guys feel about Flatforms?

Hate em or hate em ?
(I mean love, you know... if you swing that way). 

If you love em, and insist on wearing them. Please stick to a pair with a slight curve, like this pair by DKNY 

[image source: Nuji ]

(which technically are not flatforms, but then again that's the point :P)


  1. I don't really see myself in one of them ;)

    1. Good choice, I don't see myself in one either :P

  2. Haaaaate them! Especially the sneaker ones, they make your feet look like bricks!

    1. wooohooo, I want to start a let's kill flatforms campaign :P


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