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Friday, June 15, 2012

Shoe Challenge #26: Better late than never

WHAT: Black peep toe pumps from Zara.
WHEN: a whillllllllllleeeeee back
WITH: Dress: France/ Bag: Zara / Blazer: JC Penny/ Necklace: Vintage /Sunglasses: H&M /
WHERE: Lunch with the familia

Finals have been hell to say the least, and the weeks following up to it were super tiring as well. Alas, summer is here, and I'm ready to enjoy my super short summer vacation. I had taken some photos of a shoe save a while back, but I never got around to writing a whole post, so a couple of months over due. 
Here's Shoe Challenge #26.

Are you guys enjoying your summer vacation?
Any plans? do tell!

It's an almost similar outfit to the previous shoe challenge outfit, but who cares. New shoes!
I showed you guys these shoes when I first bought them, back in 2011, they've sort of become my go to black heels, they're super comfy but they're a bit higher than most of the heels I own. 

Twenty six pair down, nine more to go, actually make that 11. I might have bought two pairs of flats yesterday when I went on a shoe shopping spree with my girls. I will show you the new shoes in a bit :)

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