Event: Mukhi Sisters + Zayan - Nouchaline

Friday, June 29, 2012

Event: Mukhi Sisters + Zayan

On Wednesday, two fashionable events happened at the Beirut Souks as part of Beirut Design Week, the launch of the Zayan pop up store and the lovely gathering by the Mukhi Sisters. I passed by after work with my best friend, and the event was at full swing. Merry-cream, cotton candy, cameras flashing, ladies dolled up, and a Harley Davidson display in the courtyard of the jeweler's souk (which had nothing to do with the actual event, but it added a little edge to it). 

I had read a lot about Zayan Ghandour and S*auce Dubai so I visited the pop up store first, which is was so visually pleasing. Spacious, all white, with pops of color from the clothing and accessories. Some of you may have heard of Zayan before if you're familiar with the Dubai fashion world (S*auce), or if you read The Blonde Salad like me (Chiarra wore a gown by them to an event in January). I got to see that same dress live, quiet exciting actually. The pop up store features the Spring/summer collection of Zayan along with jewelry pieces by Bil Arabi, Mar Mar, Ghada S and Mimi Shakhasheer.Make sure to pass by themquick, because it will be open for three months only. [translation: get yoo summa shoppin on! Do not ask me why I sounded like that ]

The Mukhi sistaas and I :) 

Next, stop was the Mukhi Sisters' store which was full of ladies and a TV crew, but I finally managed to get inside the small boutique. There was this red armoire-like thing in the boutique which I found pretty but odd, as I exited the store I realized it was the display and had all these beautiful accessories on the other side. I got to meet the Mukhi sisters who are SO NICE, we chit chatted about the collection, the event, how hot it is and how idiots were burning tires close by... ah, Lebanon, how entertaining you are. 

#OccupyConversations @Mukhisisters

If you're in Beirut Souks, don't forget to visit these stores, they truly have beautiful pieces... don't believe me? Check out all the pictures ;) I have my eye on a couple of them too... 


  1. Really Mukhi Sisters have become a good brand. I wish to explore this brand when I visit Beirut in Lebanon. Really it is the one stop solution for all fashion clothing and accessories for the women who love fashion.


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