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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Favorites

Many of you have requested that I bring back my "monthly favorites" post, so here it goes :)

Sephora tinted moisturizer, "Camel"

[ image source: Sephora ]

This is the first tinted moisturizer I've tried, I picked it up in summer from the states, and fell in love. Since then I've finished my original tube and had to have my friend -who was visiting the states- get me a new one . Because unfortunately (or fortunately?) we don't have a Sephora in Lebanon (so not fair, they have on in Dubai!).Back to the moisturizer, I like it better than the foundations I've used, it's perfect for everyday use for me. It gives a decent coverage, some color and it has SPF 20 which is great for going out on sunny says (although not so good for photo taking).  

Max Factor Master under-eye concealer, "Beige 309"

These past couple of months have been completely and ridiculously hectic, my sleeping hours have decreased drastically so I was on the lookout for a good under-eye concealer to make me look less like a zombie. This is, along with Rimmel's concealer, have to be my favorite concealers ever. I've gone through a couple of tubes of each one.

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish, "Sunny Side" "Blackout" 

[image source: superdrug ]
[ image source: Amazon ]

Picked up two polishes by Rimmel in the beginning of April during a makeup bazar. I had read a couple of online reviews and people mainly had nice things to say. I was in the market for a new black polish, so I got a black one and a coral one. I love both colors very much, although I still have no worn the black one on its own. They do dry pretty quickly, but they started chipping after 2 days. It's a good polish for those days when you're running late and need to give yourself a really quick mani. 

Balea young lip balm , "Cherry Dream" 

[ image source: Polyvore ]
My dad got this for me from Germany a couple of months ago, and I fell in love from the first time I used it. I don't really know much about the brand, but I know now that it's officially my favorite lip balm stick thingy bingy. It smells delicious, gives a slight bit of color, and does its moisturizing job just right.  I don't know if it's available in Lebanon, if it is, do let me know where I can find it!

 Body Shop Born Lippy, "Raspberry"

[ image souce: The BodyShop USA ]

This product is actually something I don't own yet, but my best friend is obsessed with it. She kept stealing it from my other friend until she decided to just give it to her. So now all three of us are sorta kinda obsessed with it, and have nick named it the make out lip balm. It tastes like heaven!

What are some of your favorites??

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout to try new products if you have any suggestion, please don't forget to share them with me :)


  1. Yay! A new post! And I love how it's a beauty-related one. One of my essentials, on top of these, is mascara. I like L'Oreal's Voluminous Million, but I'd love to try Lancome's Doll Eyes next.

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  3. Heyy! Sorry to go back to 2012 like this, but I was just searching for a Sephora related post (I love all of your posts btw.).. so here it is: how do you online-order Sephora to Beirut? I know that you can order the stuff to a "hub" in the U.S. and then the shipping company at the "hub" will ship it for you, but what has been your best ordering way so far? Many many thanks in advance!

    1. Hello! Sorry for the super late reply, your comment had gone to the spam section which I just browsed through. You can't ship Sephora to Lebanon, but a lot of their products are available on Feel22.com, if you use NouchalineFeel22 you get 10% off :) 2 to 4 day free delivery anywhere in Lebanon.


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