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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Orange Carpet: Kids Choice Awards 2012

Last night, the 25th annual Kids Choice Awards was held at Galen Center in Los Angeles. One of the funnest  red   orange carpet events is the Kids Choice Awards. Everyone is free to wear whatever they like, from the whacky to the super comfortable to the chic. 

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

Please change your hair color. This grayish purple shade is giving me the heebie jeebies !
Hair issues aside, love this one shoulder prom dress with the bright pink shoes :)


Emma Stone in  Antonia Berardi

Emma stone, she's just the cutest thing ever. She also almost always nails it on the red carpet. I'm not really into top to bottom nudish colors, but I have nothing bad to say about this look. Love the cut of the skirt, although the  torso area could have used a smidge of tailoring (maybe it's the angle/pose?)


Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney

Oh WOW. Kristen Stewart in a look which I can't criticize. darn it!

  MORE PHOTOS >>>>>>>

Victoria Justice in Elizabeth and James

Pink short suit step aside, your coral cousin has arrived. 


Ana Mulvoy Ten

I don't know who this girl is or who the dress is by, but I absolutely LOVE this whole look. Head to toe!

Ashley Tisdale in Kymerah 

This particular photo does not really do justice for this dress. Adore this look!

Heidi Klum in Rolant Mouret

I don't know how I feel about this. I adore the boots, and I adore the dress.... but somehow it's just not appropriate for a kids award show? hmm What do you think?

Katy Perry in Gerlan Jeans

The color of the outfit could not be more appropriate for the show, simply adore it! With that said though, I'm getting a weird 80's aerobics work out vibe from this look. I'll just distract myself with the bright shoes :P


Sarah Hyland in Myne

The dress is very pretty, but it sorta ages her doesn't it? I would prefer her in a shorter, funner dress... more age appropriate.


Selena Gomez in Dolce and Gabbana 

What is up with everyone and crop tip dresses? Am I the only one who thinks they're ugly?  I'm not saying she looks ugly in it, but just in general I'm not a fan of the crop. If the whole thing was one piece, it would be my favorite. Adore her pink shoes though!



  1. wow I must hand it to kristin stewart, she actually looks flawless for once!
    katy perry, oh katy... I'm the BIGGEST KP fan but what is that? I only like the skirt and nothing else about her whole look
    and I think selena looks adorable in that get-up, I especially like her skirt

  2. everyone actually looks really pretty! a lot of fun looks

  3. Kristen Stewart looks gorgeous in that lace dress!!!

  4. Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

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  5. I agree with your choices, I even commented on another blog that the first three outfits are really amazing! I also agreeon what you wrote about Heidi Klum. And that dress didn't flatter her figure...


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