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Monday, April 9, 2012

How do you feel about: Caviar Nails?

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Every year FA'SHUN people need to come up with new and exciting things which they declare to be the new IN/IT thing. Sometimes though I really don't know how these people get inspired. Was someone having caviar and then thought, "hmm, this caviar is yummy. But you know what? it would be much better on my nails?". It goes beyond my understanding, so I'm left here to decide whether I like this new nail trend of not. 

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I like my nails smooth, regardless if it's a matte finish or shiny finish, I like the nails to be smooth with no bumps. I can't imagine going about my day with bumpy nails... That aside though, with some colors it looks cool. But it's more of a visual thing rather than a practical thing. 

Love it or Hate it??

If you're curious as to how achieve this nail look, I found an easy tutorial at nail art 101

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  1. Well...I'm with you. I prefer nails to be smooth. Hell I only paint my nails once in a blue moon, and mostly on special occasions, so to have rough nails like that would be annoying. From the pics you put up, I don't mind seeing it on other people. It's not an eyesore. But definitely not something I'd do myself.

  2. It looks adorable! Definitely want to try this nail trend, just worried on how comfortable it feels on the nails, haha. Very cute, though! :)

    Steph and Amber

  3. i love this! i wouldnt wear it everyday, but if i had some place to go and wanted to spice it up a bit, i would try it!

    1. you're right! It would be cool for a special occasion :)


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