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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanted: Marni for H&M

Sunglasses: 49,000 LL/ Sequins Bib: 49,000 LL / Colorful necklaces: 129,000 LL / Statement necklace: 74,000LL / Bracelet: 74,000 LL

Another designer and clothing chain collaboration, this time it's Marni for H&M. After the whole Versace for H&M collection, I was a little "Eh" about another collaboration of H&M. But Marni is  really different from all the other designer brands that have collaborated with the clothing giant, and I was really looking forward to see the pieces that they would come up with. If you've liked my facebook page/ follow me on twitter, then you've already seen the lookbook that I've posted. Now I'm sharing my favorite pieces from the collection which are on my wishlist. I'm really in love with the bold accessories of the collection, especially the statement necklaces and the sunglasses [OMGA the sunglasses.] If I can have one piece from the collection, I'd definitely go for them. The actual clothing itself is amazing too, with really interesting modern prints. My favorite would probably be the blue dot print items :D

The collection will be released on March 8th at 8am, at three branches in Lebanon (ABC Ashrafieh, Beirut Souks and Kaslik)
Cardigan: 179,000 LL/ Skirt: 149,000 LL/ Jacket: 249,000 LL

What's on your Marni for H&M wishlist???


  1. Nice. Is the white flowered piece a necklace or a bracelet? I'd go for that and be one of those bewildered gals sprinting to H&M..see you there. :)

    1. It's a necklace :) I hope I can make it!!
      May we both have better luck that our Versace adventures :p hehehe

  2. Hey :) A friend of yours from wordpress recommended your blog to me, and I have to say it's really interesting! I'm from London and it's nice to get a different perspective :) if you feel like seeing things from my point of view check out www.theglitteredchameleon.wordpress.com
    I hope we can chat :) xx

  3. I am super excited about the collaboration! I definitely want the printed dress and that polka dot skirt looks awesome too! And yes...the mane attraction was today's post that was republished twice AHHH!

  4. I love the sequin bib, the green jacket, the polka dot skirt and they have some green and black platforms I love too. In all, I like this collection way better than any other designer/H&M collaboration.

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  6. did you end up buying of them??

  7. The sequin bib, the green jacket, the polka dot skirt are really very nice and cool. I hope every young women would love to wear these. You can also include some of the latest designer kurtis in your list, kurtis are also now in the fashion and much in demand.

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