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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Shoes: Preppy preppy

My style in footwear has recently taken a turn to the preppy, I blame the super comfortable shoes and the bright colors. These are the latest additions to my shoe closet, both from H&M (24,000LL/$16 per pair). I've been wearing them almost none stop since I bought them, so if you see me in real life vs. blogosphereland you've definitely seen me wear these before. I kinda still want the yellow and blue versions too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves now. 

Preppy shoes, love em or hate em??

Hope you guys are having a great week :)

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  1. I like that they're comfortable and cute (love the colours), I think they would look cute with typical spring/ summer dresses, no? What do you usually wear with them? I see Rihanna wearing like high tops and stuff with maxi skirts so I'm kind of into taking a break from high heels. Lord know my feet would love that hehe

    1. I wear them with jeans (skinny or boot cut) and t-shirt, but I also have a couple of pretty striped dresses which I'm planning on wearing when the weather gets a bit warmer. I'm not all too sure with wearing them with maxi skirts, but I think if the material is on the stretchy cotton side it could work...
      Let me know what outfit you come up with if you try it :D

  2. These are so cute!!


  3. I love such colorful shoes! They put a smile on your face whenever you are looking at them!! :)


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