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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shoe Challenge #24: Closet full of nothing

WHAT: Black Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Anglomania boots. 

WHEN: Saturday February 4th, 2012

WHERE: Date night
WITH: Sweater: Elie Tahari/ Jeans:Old Navy / Coat: Cynthia Rowley/ Bag:New York Inc. / Earrings: Vintage / Hairclip + Scarf: H&M 

I've been in an uninspired funk lately, I've been sticking to basic pieces. I stare at my closet and it's pretty much full of.. well.. nothing. I don't know what's wrong with me. I normally love color, rediscovering my clothes and dressing up. But lately, I've just been very blukh. Thus my shoe challenge outfits lately have been a bit blukh. Sowy.

On the only day that wasn't raining this week, I wore my rain boots. I'm smart like that. They're cute rain boots thought. I've been trying to save as many shoes as possible, since there's only 10 days left to the end of the challenge and I have more than 17 pairs to save, I honestly don't think I'll be able to save all of them. I've decided that I'll be eliminating my remaining summery shoes from the challenge, which would bring my total down to 33 pairs, meaning I have 9 pairs to save until the end of the challenge. Still a tough thing to accomplish , especially when you're feeling extremely uninspired by your closet. I don't like this feeling.

What do you guys do when  you're in an un-inspired funk?

On a yummy note, look at what my mommy made. My favorite strawberry tart, 


  1. oh my god, i love LOVE those boots! so cute!

    if i'm feeling uninspired, i buy a new lipstick or nail polish to update my look :)

    Katie x

  2. Those are definitely the cutest rain boots I have ever seen! I love the bag too, the colour is so "happy" :)

  3. @Katie Nailpolish, hehehe although it has cheered me up, it still hasn't pulled me out of the funk.

    @Weesha thank you :) :)

  4. I love the title. Story of my life. And I'm also "smart like that" in that I always wear coats when it's hot and a tank top when it's freezing. The final look is cool. Love the boots. And the strawberry tarts look amazingg! :)

  5. Aline...I think this happens to every blogger! We get uninspired for whatever reason and either get stuck in a specific colour palette or a particular style. It'll pass soon. When I need inspiration, I take a look at the magazines or I go out and buy 1 odd thing that I don't have, would never pick, and have no idea what I'll wear it with. That'll get me thinking outside of the box.

  6. so pretty!

    your newest follower Michelle

  7. @Angelica hahaha I remembered that time with the rain and no coat. The tart was awesome, can't wai to tsee you tonight!

    @B I like that idea, I'll definitely be giving it a try :)

    @Michelle thank you :)

  8. Ooo I like it! The bag is a great color. I generally try to look at other blogs, do some window shopping online, pinterest helps alot to when I need inspiration...

  9. Your bag is beyond adorable. I am in love with that color.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Oh wow!!! LOVE those boots!! And your picture is amazing!! How do you just show those specific colors?!!

    When I get into a funk, I wear bright colors!! That sounds crazy, but I usually love neutral colors. The bright colors make me "happy"! And, I'll also look at some of my favorite catalogs like Anthropologie or JCrew. They usually inspire me!

    xo, sam

  11. Basic pieces are good sometimes, though. Like in this case. The bag adds enough fun to keep the look from being too plain. Very chic!

    But...I know...I hate being uninspired...and I have been a lot lately, mainly because my room is such a mess it's hard to see what I even have to choose from. I'm a slob.

    Oh, and those tarts? DELICIOUS! So pleasing to the eye, too. She did a great job!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment!!

  12. stop it with those adorable rainboots! how oh so totally stylish!!


  13. "On the only day that wasn't raining this week, I wore my rain boots. I'm smart like that"

    LOL. ur funny.

    Man, those shoes are SHIIIIIIINY :O

  14. They're less shiny in person, but the flash makes them look super duper shiny :P

  15. I stumbled upon ur blog and its the cutest thing! PS:LOVE those boots! cheers!^^


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