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Friday, January 27, 2012

Shoe Challenge #23: Casual Repeat

WHAT: Black ankle boots with bow detail, Germany
WHEN: Thursday January 26th, 2012 
WHERE: Running errands
WITH: Top: Oxygene/ Jeans: Michael Kors / Coat: Guess/ Bag: Zara / Gloves: Canada/ Necklace: Vintage / Headband: Gift.

Thursday was the first day in three weeks that I got to wake up by myself without my annoying alarm going off at 5:30 am. Finals season is slowly coming to a close, my last exam is on Tuesday so I decided to take a breather for the day. 

My mom and I had some errands to run, so I took the opportunity of saving a pair of boots. These were picked up by my dad when he was on a trip to Germany, the man's got good taste and he knows exactly what would make me happy, SHOES! Best dad ever :)

The outfit is pretty simple, which you've actually kinda seen before in a previous challenge post. I'm a proud outfit repeater so I thought you guys would be OK with that. I just changed it up a bit by adding the headband, the jeans, and my boots. My mom thought the headband looked a little funny, but I think it's cute. thoughts? 

Are you a fellow proud outfit repeater??

 What do you guys have planned for the weekend? 
It's my last weekend with the books. woohoo!


  1. I love the boots! You have a really great blog.
    Maybe you can take a look at mine?


  2. Big time outfit repeater right here. Love the boots, the bow detail is so cute. And the lipstick is fab! :D

  3. @Ria thank you :) Will do.

    @Angelica woohoo outfit repeats are the best. Thank you for noticing the lipstick! I almost never wear lipstick :P

  4. The boots look so pretty, I adore them <3

  5. wow-- your Dad does have good taste. Mine could never pick anything out as cute as these boots!

    You've been working very hard-- you deserve the break. I hope your final goes well on Tuesday :) I always repeat my outfits!

  6. your father is awesome, those boots are so cute!!! i also adore your headband a lot :)

  7. Very stylish girl. :D

  8. Your dad has awesome taste! Those are totally you!! Love the handband, it's really cute :)

  9. You look really snug and comfy in that scarf and coat. I like what's inside too, the necklace is very pretty and unique.


  10. @B @FashionStranger @Jamie hehe he does have good taste :)

    @Mongs @interwebs thank you :)

  11. I agree with a lot of the others here- I can't believe your dad picked those out, and even more, that they fit! I'm positive my dad has absolutely no shoe taste and would have no idea what size I wear. So sad. Haha! I really like the necklace. You said it was vintage, but did you buy it vintage from somewhere, or did you somehow inherit it through a family member or friend? If from a store, which one? It just has such good character.


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