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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shoe Challenge #22: A Certain Shade of Green

WHAT: White Mountain wedge-ish boots.
WHEN: Sunday January 15th 2012
WHERE: Out for coffee
WITH: Coat: Guess/ Jeans: Nordstrom /Tops: Bershka / Necklace: H&M / Gloves: Gift from Mom/ Scarf: Alex and Angie 

I'm keeping this post short because, as I mentioned in the previous post, I have finals and I must study. The outfit is pretty simple, color jeans + graphic top... I did a bit of a faux pas with the outfit, mixing black coat with brown shoes. Oh my. But who really cares, fashion is about playing around and breaking rules set by people you don't know. :) Especially when it's freezing and my black coat is the only one that keeps me super duper warm... 

Since my favorite color in the whole wide world is green, my mommy got me these amazing leather green gloves from a trip to Canada. A lot of people don't like bright gloves, especially green or yellow ones because apparently they look like gardening gloves, but I really love the pop of color against the dark coat.

What about you guys, do you like bright gloves??

My parents and I went for a casual Sunday lunch to celebrate my birthday, because my birthday is not complete until I have a Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili's, a tradition that began back when I used to live in Dubai. It's one of my favorite deserts ever. Yum! In the afternoon we went to a hilarious Armenian play called "Teshgoh Batal", for all of my Armenian readers in Lebanon, you know what I'm taking about. Pierre Chamassian is hilarious! Love him :) 


Have you guys had this desert before??? :)


  1. I love that peek of green on your outfit, and they happen to be gloves. So cute!

    Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Thank you :) hehehe I'm glad you like em.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Those green gloves are super duper fun! They definitely pop!! :)

    Good luck on finals!


    *Style of Sam*

  4. love the gloves!!

  5. @Sam @Krizia @Kanwalj thank you guys :)


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