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Thursday, January 26, 2012

PFW: Jean Paul Gaultier inspired by Amy Winehouse

[ image source:  Huffington Post ]
Yesterday, Jean Paul Gaultier payed tribute to  Amy Winehouse by showcasing his SS2012 couture collection at Paris Fashion Week (PFW), which was inspired by the late singer's unique style. The runway was full of the Bee-hive hair, and 50 inspiration...all paralleling Amy's scruffy 1950's style. 
I'm a big fan of Amy Winehouse and her style, and I loved how JPG created this collection inspired by her style. Staying true to it, yet still adding his "touch". But at the same time, as much as I adore Amy's style, I kinda feel like it's a bit of a "jumping on the bandwagon" and cashing in on  her death... 

What are your thoughts?

Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection, check out all the looks here



  1. I think he did a nice job as a tribute to her, but I don't know if it's too soon {and cashing in on her death}?! At least, it was tastefully done.

    xo, sam

  2. @Sam Agreed, it was very tastefully done :)

  3. Hmmmm not sure about this one either. I really did enjoy her music and he is an established designer so I am not really sure if there was a need...

  4. Love the hairstyles!! Looks like cotton candy! :)

    Thanks you I really love my nailpolish aswell, even better that its not so expensive :) An the ring Ive made myself :)

    The pink panter is a drink that you can order when youre out :)

    Thanks for stopping by dear!


  5. @B glad we're on the same page :P @Linda I love the hair too, ou and thanks for clarifying what a pink panther is :D


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