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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shoe Challenge #22: How to Change a Tire

WHAT: Bridget Black Boots
WHEN: Wednesday December 28th, 2011
WHERE: Out and About
WITH: Top: TopShop /Vest: Oxygene / Jeans: Old Navy / Hat: H&M / Pashmina: Dubai / Necklace: Vintage coral/ Bag: Vintage Renato Santi / Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

My mom kept nagging that I keep straightening my hair, and how she likes my sheep curls much better. So I decided to go this week without straightening my hair, you've seen my hair curly before and didn't comment on it being scary, so I thought I'd give this sheep curls a second go. 

Today's shoe save is my staple black boots which my mom picked out for me. They're my go to boots for uni, and casual nights out. They're made of leather, and have a hint of western inspiration with a very cute simple cut out braided design that runs across the side. I paired them with a very simple sweater and vest outfit, which is also one of my "go to" combinations, in black and white with a pop of red. A perfect outfit for a casual night out with friends. 

I'm sure by now you're wondering why the post is titled " How to Change a Tire", let me explain...

Last night started out like any other normal night, had planned on going out with friends. Decided to seize the opportunity to snap a few pictures of my outfit in order to save my favorite black boots. Picked up my friend, and we went out. Everything was going OK... until I had to go back home. My cellphone died, which happens often but it usually also is a bad omen, then as I was driving I didn't see a pothole and BAM drove right into it. It was one deep pothole as well, next thing I know my car is making a funny sound and I knew I had gotten a flat tire. I panicked but then I tried to calm down because I remembered that my dad had taught me how to change a tire. So I pull over, put my emergency lights on and open my trunk to take out the spare tire and all that jazz. I realize I've forgotten how to change a tire, in my defense though I had changed the tires on my dad's car  two year prior and the tools we used were slightly different than the ones in my car which I'd never seen before. So I start to panic, luckily my friend shoush was with me and we decided to find someone to help us. We finally found a gas station and the worker there changed my tire and I drove home at 20km/hr because I was so paranoid of another pothole. Moral of the story is, laddies, you need to learn how to change a tire. That is why I'm posting a video I found which explains clearly how to do so.

Have you guys ever gotten a flat tire and do you know how to change one??

Ps. I think I'm getting my new semi-pro camera today or tomorrow :D YEAY!


  1. Love the striped top and the coral necklace! The hat reminds me of A Clockwork Orange, but that's just because I'm traumatized by that film. Besides that, great outfit, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love the shoes...I want something similar to it!

  3. oh no... I wouldn't know what to do if I have a flat tire, I don't even know how to open the car front bonnet! I think I will leave it to the men to do it for me. Just wave my scarf along the side of the road I guess. Your curls are lovely, it gives more body to your hair. Nice outfit too, I like the red accents, and the striped top. Great boots!

    Happy 2012, thanks for dropping by my blog!


  4. @Angelica @Chantal thank you laddies!

    @Mongs I'd rather leave to the men too, but it's one of those things that you need to know.. just in case! :P

  5. Awww! Flat tire no bueno! My dad has been meaning to show me how to change a tire since I was 16, but I still haven't been shown. But yeah, I doubt I'd remember how to, even if I knew at one point. We both should learn for good, shouldn't we? Being a damsel in distress is so not my gig.

    Glad it worked out alright though. WHEW.

    On the plus side, I LOVE your curls! And your outfit is adorable. So classic.

  6. Oooo a Public Service Announcement!!! I have no idea how to change a tire...hehe, but I don't drive either :D

  7. @Ashley agreed :)

    @B As much as I looove driving, driving in Lebanon is a pain!

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