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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shoe Challenge #21: London Meets Beirut

WHAT:   Black Skull Flats, Vivaro
WHEN: Saturday December 3rd, 2011
WHERE: London Meets Beirut Conference at OSB
WITH: Top: TopShop / Jacket: Somewhere in LA / Jeans: Old Navy / Beanie + Sunglasses: H&M / Scarf : Gift from Alex and Angie / Bag: Vintage, borrowed from Mom. 

My trusty black flats died, yea you know the ones from the Loca Loca Loca challenge post? The ones which have been in my shoe closet since 2007? Yea, they died. So I had to find replacements! Let me tell you, shopping for black flats is very annoying. Not because "oh boo hoo" I have to buy a pair of shoes *boo hoo*. What is annoying is trying to find a decent pair of black flats without getting distracted, because all of a sudden all the sensible yet cute black flats have vanished from the market. All that's left are the pretty, colorful, shiny and sky high stilettos that call your name, which  might I add you should NOT buy because you know you're not going to wear them. What can I say? First world problems (coming from a girl who lives in the developing world, oh the irony).
Anywaayyyssss, I finally found a pair.
Nothing special, a plain shoe with an awesome skull on it.. 
Comfortable + twenty bucks = Welcome to my shoe closet little one!

I had the opportunity to save them on Saturday when I attended the "London Meets Beirut" conference on innovation in the design industry at the Olayan Business School (at ma luv-a-lee university, AUB). It was a very interesting conference with very cool speakers from London, like Steven Siegel from Not Just a Label, Philip Delamore from London College of Fashion, and Ursula Geisselmann from Wallpaper* magazine. If you're interested in reading more about the conference, you can read all the tweets on the #LondonMeetsBeirut hashtag on twitter. 

My last midterm is on Thursday so hopefully after that I'll be able to resume my semi-regular posting schedule :)
To all my readers who have midterms, finals, and projects ... 
GOOD LUCK, I really DO feel ya :/
It shall be over soon, and then CHRISTMAS! YEAY



  1. This is beyond amazing, I really really want!

  2. I love those flats. It's always so upsetting when flats become too worn in and you have to break in new ones. Good luck with your midterms!

  3. Thank you Talar! I knew you'd like them :D

  4. Completely agree, and thanks I need all the luck :D

  5. Thanks for leaving me a comment! :) You are Lebanese american? so cool! my cousins are too! :D

    Let's follow eachother!


  6. I've been facing the simple black flat issue for the last year... it's almost impossible to find

  7. oh my gosh...what a cute look..the flats are great!!

    Tweet Me!

  8. @Christine I'm Lebanese Armenian, not America :P
    But I have lived in the states :)

    @ABareTruth Bourj Hammoud, the solution to most of my shoe problems!

    @Amanda Thank you dear :D

  9. Oh my gosh those flats are genius!!! I would get these in a heartbeat :)))

  10. honestly, i am drooling over your flats! awesome find, girl! and thanks for the comment over on my blog :) i've followed you, but you may not see me in your followers list because GFC is retarded =X hope you are enjoying your week sweetheart! take care
    x jamie

  11. I am in love with your flats !!! Thanks for your nice comment and for saying you'll follow...actually I cannot see you among my followers on google friend connect, could you please try again ? Of course I am gonna follow you back :) Many kisses !

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  12. haha these shoes are so cute! love em

  13. @Maryam @Sevan thank you girlies :D

    @Vale I'm following you via Bloglovin :)

    @Jamie You'e welcome! And thank you for the follow :) Hope you enjoy my blog!!

  14. I love Beirut! I hope you had a lovely time! The skull flats are so interesting, sorry they broke :( xoxo!

  15. ohh those shoes you got on are so cute! love the little skulls :D

  16. Great ballerinas! And you know I love the scarf. ;)

  17. @Aya these flats didn't break, a previous pair did so I bought these :P

    @Pop Champagne @Angelica thank you laddies :)

  18. Really like your style + cute attitude! :) Bisou from Belgium!


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