Event: Madame Reve at Circle Gallery - Nouchaline

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Event: Madame Reve at Circle Gallery

The ceiling of the Circle Galley.
I was invited to the Madame Reve atelier and showroom, the Circle Gallery, on Thursday to check out the latest collection from the designing duo Lina Chammaa and Hala Mouzannar. Circle Gallery is located right on Gholam Stairs in Mar Mikael/Gemmayze, you go up the stairs and left into the gallery where you're instantly taken to a different world. First of all the Circle Gallery is indeed a perfect circle. With all the amazing pieces hanging on identical black mannequin busts all around you. A 360 degree of vintage accessories paradise.
I got the chance to have a little chat with one of the designers, Lina Chammaa, who was wearing a very bright fuchsia dress with a very unique statement necklace.
The duo have been friends for a long time, and became partners because they both share the love of vintage and the passion of creating beautiful vintage inspired accessories. They opened up their gallery in 2009, designed by Architects Anonymous, who were inspired by Ingmar Bergman's "Vertigo" and took advantage of this circle room and turned it into the Circle Gallery. All their pieces are recycled from old accessories or any random objects, "we never throw anything away" Lina Chamaa. They travel the world to find diverse and unique pieces which they recreate into vintage treasures. They also breathe new life into pieces that any woman might have had for a really long time, which she still loves and doesn't want to throw away. You can bring your jewelry to them and they can recreate it for you, which is amazing.

If you're in Lebanon and like vintage inspired jewelry, like me, you MUST check out the Circle Gallery and Madame Reve!
A candid shot of the designing duo, Hala Mouzannar and Lina Chammaa.

[ image courtesy of Madame Reve ]

Hala Mouzannar helping a lady put on a Madame Reve Piece (left). Lina Chammaa (Right)

Lina Chammaa and I :)
Isn't the Fuchsia lovely????

Ps. A BIG thank you to Roula for inviting me to this event!PPS. Excuse my hair and face, I had gone to the event RIGHT after a long day of uni :P

[Photos property of Aline Chirinian]


  1. Wow, those necklaces are amazing ! Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog, you're so sweet. Many kisses !

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  2. @Vale they really are amazing :) Thank you for the comment as well!

  3. These pieces are all amazing, I am so glad you had the opportunity to photograph them in person!

  4. their designs are sooooo intricate, delicate, and beautiful!! I would love to own one of those neckalces :))) thank you for sharing!!

  5. oh...my...gosh...this is AMAZING!! I love the presentation of those bust forms on the wall!!

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  6. love the last picture! both ladies look amazing!

  7. Those necklaces are stunning and I love the way they're displayed! What a fun event!

  8. wow! everything looks just simply awesome!

  9. Oh I love the necklaces :) Thanks for sharing <3


  10. You're so lucky you got to visit this gallery! I'm sure the designs were amazing, would love to check it out for myself one day! x


  11. Oh wow! What beautiful jewelry. I'm super impressed at the presentation as well.


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