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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Ah, it's that time of year again. The time when every fashion blogger has some form of a Christmas wishlist posted on her/his blog. You see where this is going right? 
My list is a WISHlist, as in I WISH I can get all the things on this list. But then life's all "LOL, ain't gonna happen... keep on WISHing". A girl can still make a list and drool at photos, ok? 

1) DSLR Camera

[ image source ]

Yes, I currently do own a camera. But it's a point and shoot, and as much as I do love dear Tom (that's his name, and yes it a "he"). He fell during a trip to Portugal and although I got him fixed, he's never been the same ever since. tear tear. Plus all the faSHUN bloggers are all into DSLR cameras and keep taking awesome pictures (although most have professional photographer mother, fathers, boyfriends and friends. gah), so I might be a little jelly and want awesome (er) pictures as well. 
I'm currently confused as to WHICH camera to get, and my Google research has made me even more confused. Who knew there was more to a digital camera than megapixels and zooming? If you have ANY suggestions, drop me a comment. I'll give you a cookie, or a macaroon since everyone is suddenly into macaroons. 

2) iPad

[ image source: inhabitat ]

I added this to my wishlist yesterday, when I borrowed my friend's iPad during the "Social Media Changing Lives" conference. When the iPad first came out, I wasn't really a fan. I though it was cool product, but not for me. But then little old me started playing on it, and AH it's addicting. It's also very practical and light for conferences. 
Fun Fact: I don't own a SINGLE Apple product! Am I weird or what??? 

3) Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay 

[ image source: ]

Do I really need to justify this?? It's probably my favorite-est make up palette EVER. So it's going on my WISHlist, since Urban Decay is not sold in Lebanon :( A friend might be coming from the states this Christmas so I might make him get it for me, muahahaha.

4) Bow necklace from Plastic Pill

If you've "liked" my page on Facebook then you've seen this necklace before. It's by Plastic Pills, and has a geek chic feel to it. I think it's so freakin adorable!

5) Balenciaga Giant City

[ image source: Balenciaga ]

Black, with rose hold hardware. Or actually, any color really with rose gold hardware. This bag has appeared on many  all of my WISH/WANTED posts, and yes I shall keep on dreaming. I've been trying to save to buy the bag for graduation in Fall, but geez louise it's hard to SAVE. I'm still including this on my list though, I don't care if I'm gonna be 50 when I finally can afford to buy it myself. The thing is that I want to get this for me, with my own money. I don't want my parents or someone to get it for me. I want to work hard, save up and treat myself to it. :)

6) For my projects and exams to go away.

My university is lovely, by lovely I mean I wanna slap it. GAH My professors keep thinking that their students are just taking their class and don't have other courses, work, and this thing called a life. They don't care though, they keep pilling on the work. As of this moment, I have two projects, two final papers, and a midterm all due the first week back from Christmas break. And by Christmas break, I mean that one week five seconds that's off that people keep calling a "vacation". Oh and did I mention that my midterm is the day right after Armenian Christmas? Yeah, because Geology goes great with a family dinner :) Oh and did I mention my birthday is squished right in between that week when everything is due, and the week of preparation for finals? Yes, peachy in deed. This semester must end, January 31 get your butt here already!

7) Robot inspired

Robot necklace, source: Etsy  
Robot with a heart, source: zazzle 

I love robots. My geology notes are all full of drawings of robots. The fashion world has started to like robots as well, all of a sudden robot inspired clothing and jewelry is everywhere. One side of me is happy that I can now find more robots things, but another side of me doesn't want everyone walking around with robot earrings. I found two Robot inspired items that I really like. A necklace from etsy, and a canvas tote from zazzle

That's it for my list, what's on your holiday wishlist???


  1. ALine ! I love your taste .. I have the naked palette the frist I love it to death. I asked for the Baleniaga bag for my Christmas too :P .. it is so much fun to get SLR camera :) I have 550 D
    enjoy the holidays !

  2. I think every girl would love a new camera! This is definitely on my list!

  3. I wanted to do a post like this one! Love it!

    Couldn't agree more with the camera, ipad and makeup set.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. @Tamara thank you :D We'll both be drooling at Balenciagas this Christmas hehe yeay :D

    @Kfedland If you have any suggestions, please do share! I'm completely confused with which one to actually get :s

    @Angelica, you should definitely do a post like it :D It's like fashion blogger tradition :D

  5. LOL I can't believe I just read all this :P
    (to be fair I was doing monitoring for SMCL and your post pooped up!)

    I do agree on numbers 1 & 6 though ;)

    FUN Fact: I don't own an Apple product either. You're not THAT weird (or at least you're not weird because of that :P)

  6. love these! I'm looking into buying a new DSLR too and i'm in the same dilemma I cant pick which one to buy. I'm leaning towards a cannon 70D but can't find it anywhere
    keep us posted with which you end up getting! xxx

  7. Fabulous wishlist, I would definitely recommend a Canon <3

  8. Aline!!! Hope you are doing well and ready to celebrate the holidays! I hope you get all these items, my wishlist is a DSLR and a Chloe Paraty bag :D

  9. OMGA!!! Mhijazi on my blog :D Christmas miracle!!!!

    @mhijazi and @sevan will keep you posted on which camera I end up getting

    @Lidiya A lot of people have I said
    I should get a Cannon but even then I'm confused cz there are soo many models!

    @B youuu I do like the Chloe Paraty bag :D and hope that we both get the cam!

  10. I have a similar canon. Shopping for cameras is so confusing, especially when you want to get a good one for blogging without breaking the bank or getting something so complicated that you can't even use it. An iPad is on my wishlist too.

  11. Great pieces for your wishlist. Have an Ipad and a new camera on mines as well

  12. @Signature Mix gah I know! Tell me about it :(
    @Cilla B hehe I think a lot of people have them on their wishlist as well :P

  13. I'm also thinking about getting a black Balenciaga!
    I need to save up (a lot) first, though. :D

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  14. Oooh, I'll take that Balenciaga bag! =)

  15. @Krizia you should! I adore your purple one :D

    @Tiffany haha I know :D as do we all :P

    @Elle I've been hearing and reading a lot of good things about it!

  16. Great picks! That pixelated bow necklace is pretty awesome and I wouldn't say no a new slr camera.

  17. That Plastic Pill bow necklace is cute!


  18. I'll take all of the above!!

    ps. thanks for your last comment! Come back soon, I dare you. haha.

    Happy Holidays!
    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  19. What a great bag! and I like that necklace that looks like an old world book with a robot on it :) I gave my younger sis a robot necklace for Christmas - robots are certainly making their statement lately, lol! I'm thinking I'd like to try sketching one. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; I really appreciate it!!


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