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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shoe Challenge #21: Businessy

WHAT:   Gray fuzzy loafers
WHEN: Saturday November 12, 2011
WHERE: Dinner with the girls Gemmayze
WITH: Top: Jones New York/ Skirt: Can't remember/ Blazer: Gift from aunt / Bag: Marc Jacobs / Ring: Gift from mom (It's handmade, I'm trying to find the name of the designer!) / Earrings: H&M / Tights: Not Sure

Midterms. That one word describes how I've been lately, others would be "miserable" and "needs sleep".

On Friday I had a midterm until 9 pm (Yes, my university if CRUEL) so I really needed to relax on the weekend before my next exams came up (two exams this Saturday, very cruel indeed). On Saturday my girlies and I went out to a much  deserved Girls Night Out dinner at El Gardel/El (What's the other part called?). Delicious Argentinian food, yum! 

I felt like dressing up yet still staying comfy, whenever you go to Gemmayze you really don't know how long you might have to walk, so heels were out of the question. I wore these new loafers my mom got me, which  I will mention are the most COMFORTABLE shoes I own. And yes you read that right "new". I did mention a while back that I was on a shopping ban until Christmas, but I didn't mention how most of my flats died on me so I had to break my promise and get two new pairs for uni (you'll see the other pair soon). Plus it's almost Christmas shopping time... don't you just love loopholes?  

My outfit ended up looking a bit businessy due to the blazer and the tucked in top + silk skirt combo (I wanted to add a chunky necklace, but I couldn't find an appropriate one. There's a necklace I saw at H&M which would have looked amazing though ). I bought this skirt a good six years ago, I have NO idea why. I was in my "I don't wear skirts" phase but then I tried this on and had to get it.. never wore it though (maybe once or twice in the six years that I've owned it). 

Do you guys do that sometimes? 
Buy something, never wear it, then suddenly "rediscover" it and wonder why you never wore it in the first place?
Happens to me all the time!


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the comment!
    I love your shoes!!

  2. Aline! You definitely did businessy! I would never know how to wear loafers in a skirt, but you did it AND it looks cute!! Great job! :)


  3. lovely outfit :) and lovely blog

    follow me :)


  4. I totally do that all the time. + with my latest obsession over pencil skirts and blazers it's hard NOT to look businessy : ) You are absolutely adorable!

  5. love love love the cherry colored tee, really pops up and it makes your skin glow! love the bag love the bag love the bag

  6. GIRLLL! you're simply rocking! I loveee your "business" looking attire!!! Man, I always want to wear business clothes, but I have no where to wear them to, and I'm not that formal at other events. You're looking killer though!
    And i LOVE that bag. Gorgeoous!

  7. Hi Aline, wow love the outfit especially your shoes!!:)

  8. Nice shoes!

    XX, Eva Floor

  9. @Eva Floor and @Amenda Nguyen thank you girls! :D

  10. Cute outfit Aline! We love the blazer!

    Steph and Amber


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