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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview with Madeleine Vieira

Last week I got a chance to have a chat with Madeleine Vieira, the amazing luxury handbag designer. Her evening clutches, which are covered in Swarovski Elements crystals in diverse colors, effects, cuts and sizes, are truly beautiful works of art.

 I'm really loving the clutch with the stiletto design, and don't forget to check out the rest of her collection on the official website :)

Who is the person behind Madeleine Vieira?

I travel a lot and have lived in 6 countries so far which made me realize I needed a profession that allows me a lot of flexibility and at the same time gives me a creative
outlet. Starting my handbag business seemed like a good idea, initially focusing on
creating an e-commerce website where people can purchase my handbags directly and also wholesale to exclusive boutiques and department
stores, eventually with the aim of opening my own boutique in select fashion cities worldwide.
With this set-up I can design from anywhere in the world which really suits my cosmopolitan
life style…!

What has inspired you to create this sort of (luxury) line of handbags?

My worldly travels (Buenos Aires, Prague, Marrakesh, Florence, Taormina, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Machu Picchu in Peru…), the romantic and classy style of Hollywood’s Golden Era (I adore Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren & Audrey Hepburn!), foreign film (especially Italian), my mother’s sense for fashion…

Take us through the cycle of creating a handbag, briefly.

Every woman loves to have that special handbag that stands out from the crowd,
so I decided to design them with gorgeous sparkles. All my creations are handmade,
exquisite, unique originals and are executed with meticulous attention to detail
embellished with genuine Swarovski crystal imported from Austria.
They radiate with intense brilliance and are always a conversation piece!The handbags are glamorous, fun, trendy, classy and appeal to women of all ages.
Some clutches are more classic, others trendier with bold colours and fun designs.
They can be worn in various settings… such as high-glam red carpet events, funky art
gallery opening parties, to the opera, fancy dinners, but the classic pieces can certainly
also be worn to more low-key events.
My focus is to design very feminine designs such as a perfume bottle, high heels,
make-up, lingerie, tiara, diamond, etc… All pretty things women love!

Can your fans find your creations in store or are they only find online?

My handbags are for sale on my e-commerce website (

As our brand has just launched we are currently looking for exclusive boutiques and department stores (or other retail points) to stock our collections. To achieve this
we are currently in search for agents worldwide, so anybody interested in applying
is welcome to get in touch by using the contact form on my contact page.Eventually I’d like to open my own boutiques in several fashion cities worldwide… London,
Paris, Milan, NYC, L.A, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore; Tokyo would be superb!
What are the future plans for you and the line?

The intention is to also start designing limited/special editions and create custom orders (initials & custom designs).I love the creative process, so it’s all very exciting to keep expanding!


  1. Oh, the last two are amazing!

  2. sparkly and elegant. it would be awesome to own one or a collection (wishful thinking) :) follow each other?

  3. COOL! Very Sex and the City! (I know Carrie would want a bag like that) :)

  4. Love these!
    Hannah x

  5. Very much in love with the purses! Now following your blog. x

  6. so dead. website down


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