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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #19: Very 70's

WHAT: Tan Flower Flats from BH
WHEN: Saturday October 29 , 2011
WHERE: Out for coffee
WITH: Blouse + Skirt : Old Navy/ Bag: Tod's (borrowed from Mom) /Belt: Bershka/ Necklace: Vintage/ Bracelet: Gift /Ring: Love Culture

Very 70's is in isn't it? Well then I'm ON TREND. woot. 
Not that I really care I'm ON TREND, just as long as I like my outfit then I'm happy. That's what I feel like people should be like, they should know what's "happening" but just adopt what they like about "what's happening" to their wardrobe, and not look like "what's happening" threw up on them. Does that make sense? It does in my head, moving on to my outfit.

The story behind the shoe is that I bought it with my friend Bella on a BH shopping spree. She recently moved to Texas and I miss her SOO MUCH! Everytime I wear these shoes I remember her :)

I need to explain this blouse. My cousin and I went jeans shopping and smart me went in a dress. So I just grabbed a random top to try on with the jeans so I know how they (the jeans) would look with a top. I ended up loving this top more than any of the jeans. It was 30 bucks, but I wasn't going to get it because A. It's Old Navy and I ain't spending 30 bucks on a top from old navy when I bough jeans for less than a dollar there (more on that later) . B. The material is ultra thin and so not worth 30 bucks.C. It's one of those weird tops that you might like at the beginning but then realize you were crazy on the day you bought them and they end up in the back of your closet. 
My cousin said "well, let's just price check it and you'll decide at the counter". I'm so glad I listened to my  lovely cousin because there was a crazy sale (which I wasn't aware of) and I got the top for 12 $ :D Oh happy day!
Now I know a lot of you still think it's not pretty and might even go as far as calling it ugly, like my mother. That's your opinion and I respect that. I'll just sit here and enjoy my blouse for 12 bucks. 

I look a little creepy don't I? Let's just pretend it's a Halloween thing I'm going for :P

 Disclaimer: I was in no way insulting Old Navy in this post, I'm actually a big fan. 

Have you bought something that everyone (*COUGH* your mom especially *COUGH) has hated but you've absolutely loved and didn't care what they think?


(so that I'm comforted with the idea that I'm not the only one!)

Have a nice week :)


  1. i absolutely love the shirt aline and your whole outfit you look great! <3

  2. What you said about trends throwing up on some people is so true, some people are a such slave to what's 'bang on trend' (ugh, such a horrible phrase) even if it looks bad on them.

    I often buy things my mother hates, or she'll look at something and be like "I wore something like that when I was younger".

  3. That ring is fabulous! Where is Love Culture? Can I feature you and the ring on my blog sometime?

    Also, I love the outfit. The 70s rock. I have to show you this cool 70s fashion book I have sometime. :)

  4. great outfit!love your blouse!!
    kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

  5. I adore those shoes, they look amazing <3

  6. great camel outfit fits you very weel ;)

  7. @Angie Love Culture is this awesome store in LA, kinda like F21 and Charlotte Russe.

  8. @Lauren I'm very glad you agree :D


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