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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #18: Pointy

WHAT: Nude Pointy Heels from Zara
WHEN: Saturday October 15, 2011
WHERE: H&M/American Eagle Outfitter Store Opening
WITH:  Top: Marshalls/ Jacket: Nordstrom Rack/ Jeans: Old Navy / Bag: H&M / Necklace: Armenia / Ring: Charlotte Russe

Look, look! I saved a shoe this past weekend! Aren't you proud of me? I know I'm proud of myself.
Doing this whole shoe challenge thing and posting outfit photos has really given me a new found appreciation for everyday outfit bloggers. You'd think it's an easy task to just take pictures and post them on your blog. But it really takes effort and time to remember to take pictures, edit them, and upload them! so if you're an everyday (or heck, almost everyday) outfit blogger or a fellow shoeper challenge participant, kudos to you!

These shoes are the ONLY pair of pointy toes I own. I usually hate this style of shoe because I feel like it's not for my age - I associate them with suites and business folk (which I will be one day, but not yet). Then I saw this pair at Zara and something about them just made me want to try them on and get them. I think it was the nude-ish color and the way it contrasted with a pair of dark blue skinnied. Either way though, they were on sale so YEAY!

On to the outfit, this is what I wore to the store opening of H&M/American Eagle Outfitters/MotherCare/Starbucks (yes it was a mega store opening, read about it here). For the longest time I've been wanting a military jacket by Balmain. Obviously, it's WAYY out of budget for little old me.. so I'd been on the look-out for a Balmain inspired jacket for a while. Then my mom found this military inspired sweater/cardigan at Nordstrom rack, and I was in love! It's so warm and comfy, yet it has the military detail which I love AND it's stripey. Aren't moms just awesome?
The rest of the outfit is not really comment worth, off white sheer-ish top (you can't see the sheer part because of the awesome jacket), jeans, bag yata yata.

Do you guys have a hard time remembering to take outfit posts? Or am I alone when it comes to this "issue"?? :P


  1. i need to wear pointy heels more often. i just need to find the right ones!
    xo TJ

  2. I love these pointy toe shoes, these are actually my favorite. They're sophisticated and chic and when you wear them with slacks that have a crease down the front they give you a streamlined look!

  3. The shoes are lovely & the necklace too!!
    I can feel with you especially that i'm not creative & don't know how to mix & match different items together!!
    Good Luck in all your challenges!!

  4. Those are great pointy shoes!! I love pointy shoes because they look so ladylike!

    Sometimes I'm good and sometimes I'm bad about outfit posts!

  5. I'm starting to warm back up to the idea of pointy toes, too! i love your pair!

  6. Cute shoes, you're making me want a similar pair! I do also struggle with outfit posts, but I usually don't do them at all because my amateur photos look blah compared to the extravagent photos some bloggers have. I just need to hire a personal photographer, haha


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