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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shoe Challenge #17: All that glitters is gold

WHAT: Gold Glitter Oxfords by Steve Madden
WHEN: Sunday, October 2, 2011
WHERE: My cousin's birthday family lunch
WITH:  top: Can't remember/ Cardigan: Ross/ Bag: Target/ Jeans: Old Navy/ rings: Love Culture

This is going to be a very quick and short shoe challenge post because my week has been chaos and I really need to get moving with my shoe challenge posts!

These are THE OTHER oxford pair that I got, a present from my aunt in Rhode Island, they're by Steve Madden. Most of the people I've encountered either really love em or really hate em. I don't really care though if people love it or hate it because I absolutely love them. They're something I normally wouldn't have gotten, they being oxfords... gold.. AND glittery. YIKES! My taste really has been changing lately.

I ended up wearing them twice this weekend, once on Saturday to a chill night out with my close friends and once on Sunday to my cousin's 12 birthday lunch... thus the confetti on the shoes, although it was everywhere and made a complete fun mess.  (Sidenote: I can't believe my baby cousin is now TWELVE! I remember when he was a chubby baby and I'd poke his cheeks. And when he turned six and always wanted ice cream. He even woke me up one summer morning at five and kept asking if we can go get ice cream. "NOOUCHA, baghbaghag!!" (baghbaghag means ice cream in Armenian) SO CUTE! Now he's growing up and he's gonna be "a guy" and stuff, blukh.)
Anyways, *recomposes herself*, I have half a ton of homework and work business to get to... so I will see you guys later :)

Hope you guys are having a great week!

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  1. love your oxfords!!

  2. wonderful shoes... love the title of this post lol xx

  3. nice shoes!
    i am shoe lovers too!!!! :)

    follow my site?

  4. what fun shoes-gotta love the sparkles :)

  5. Your taste is changing! When I first met you...I definitely would not have seen you in these shoes...turquoise without the glitter..possibly would have been your taste! But I love them...they're bold and you are trying something new!

  6. loving glitter shoes of all shapes and sizes

  7. haha it is truly great that you don't care what people think! im actually craving a pair something with sequins or sparkles for autumn.. i think your oxfords are girly and amazing!!!


  8. thx for your sweet comment. Those shoes are so cute! I would wear those in a heartbeat

  9. the shoes are amazing! they make the whole outfit

  10. Hey hun! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I am following you!

    I love these glittery oxfords!! They are so so cute!

    xoxo Denise

  11. Love your shoes!


  12. Oxfords too me awhile to get into (even though they have been ever popular here in granola santa cruz for quite some time) But now I LOVE them. They are the best shoe for going out on a Saturday night! I have a patent leather black pair I like to wear out with skinny jeans, glittery gold top, and a blazer.

    I may need to pick up a glittery gold pair're are so quirky and fun!


  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE the glittery oxford! And I love the first pic, with the leopard bag! you look great.

  14. Nice shoes!

  15. Gorgeous shoes! Love your outfit too. Can't wait to see that shoes in the market.

  16. great shoe, they are on trend. Lovely blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back

  17. Oh wow! Love those glitter oxfords! I LOVE oxfords but I only feel comfortable wearing the heeled ones, and not flats! Love it with your outfit and the animal print bag!


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