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Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspired: Tights!

[ image source: : Nadine Drexler ]

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Meetings, class, meetings, meetings, work, workshop, class, class, class, meetings, oh yea and let's add some class meetings in there as well. That's pretty much how my week is looking. I cannot wait until Friday, my friends and I have planned a fun night out. That's my "light at the end of the tunnel" for this week.grr Complete chaos. 
Until then, I leave you with my latest obsession.. tights! (Just in case you were wondering why the heck I was just showing you lot's of leg, it's the TIGHTS that I'm actually showing you). The obsession actually started around last fall when my mom got me this pair of SUPER COMFY opaque tights, and I wore them constantly. Weird because until then I pretty much hated pantyhose/tights and thought they were stupid. Except for this Minnie Mouse one I had when I was a kid, oh my I absolutely LOVED those and cried when they died. So sad. *tear* Anyway, so then this magic pair came in and I was in love again! 
I'm not crazy, I promise. (although my mother did NOT have me tested... hehe see what I did there?)
But seriously, they are amazing aren't they?
They complete most of my winter outfits, they look great with booties and a dress, and they keep my leggies warm all winter long :)
I can't wait until the weather gets a wee bit colder for me to start wearing them (it is currently 35ish Celsius in friggin October). I know in a couple of months I will definitely  might whine about cold weather and how I miss my summer dresses...but until then I'll be complaining about the opposite and how I miss my coats and tights :)

[ image source: I am Style-ish ]

[ image source: the fashion brewery ]

[ image source: the fashion brewery ]

[ image source: the fashion brewery ]

There's just so many different patterns, colors and textures they come in!! I'm usually more of a plain black opaque kinda girl, like Zooey Deschannel, but I think I might experiment with a little bit of color and patterns this winter. 
[ image source: Tumblr ]

[ image source: tumblr ]

[ image source: tumblr ] 

[ image source: tumblr ] Probably my favorite print, Hellooo Sailor (that one's for Patty)

Hope you guys have a great week!
Or at least keep your sanity until the weekend :P

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  1. love them!!great inspiration!!

  2. Thanks,This blog is very nice and helpful for us.


  3. Lovely colors, especially the red and the yellow!! Thank you for the winter inspirations :)

  4. I STILL hate panty-hose, but I love tights! My obsession started when I began working and didn't want to give up my dresses and skirts in the winter. Tights are the perfect solution! I just ordered a leopard pair from Old Navy, and I cannot wait to wear them!

  5. Aline, I hope your week gets better. I feel just as busy as you do, and meetings, work, blog, and more meetings. Your friday plans sound like fun so hang in there...only 3 more days, well it is almost Wed over there rite???

  6. I'm into those mocha brown opaque tights! Neutral but still goes with everything!!! I have a few sweater dresses those would look fantastic with. Such an inexpensive way to update the clothes I already own.


  7. thank you for your comment, dear.
    i love these outfits, the tights are very very cool :-)
    wish you a nice day.
    maren anita

  8. beautiful looks!!

  9. These tights are awesome. Great to gather ideas for the Fall. Thanks for posting!

  10. those are great pictures of tights, I love tights too, but yet to be more adventurous with the colors.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  11. these tights are fabulous! need to get me some more asap!!
    xo TJ

  12. oooo i love those burnt orange tights

    x Niki from A Haute Mess


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