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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bras for a Cause: The Fashion Show

On Thursday September 29th, I was invited to attend the "Bras for a Cause" fashion in Beirut Souks. I brought along my parents for the show, and we had a blast!
At the entrance there was a cupcake stand with pink breast cancer awareness ribbons frosting, an area   to take SillySnap pictures, and all the sponsers had their own stands.
The night began with the amazing talents of Black Honey, it's the first time I hear this band live and I have to say they were BRILLIANT! The lead singer also had killer style and she was wearing these beautiful plastic shoes that left me lusting for them :)
After the music bit was up, the show began. The designs of the bras and t-shirts from the competition came to life on the runway, along with gowns and outfits designed by top Lebanese and regional designers, such as Krikor Jabotian, Joe Chalita and Mia Jaafar just to name a few.
It truly was an amazing experience being an ambassador for Bras for a Cause, and I would love to thank Loryne Atoui from One Wig Stand and Fustany for coming up with this amazing event and allowing me to be a part of it!

Can you spot my name?

Black Honey's lead singer !

Her amazing shoes!

Her amazing shoes again!!

Left-to-right: My fellow ambassador Yasmine ( Half eaten Manouche), her friend and my classmate Miriam, and yours truly!!

I'm thinking it's time for me to get a better camera... something semi-professional and not too expensive? Anyone have any suggestions?? 

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  1. I love this fashion show and I definitely spotted your name! You are right...I wore my contacts and slipped the glasses on to take a picture, my eyes are really brown in real life! I am thinking to get a DSLR, sigh $1K is what it'll cost between the camera, lens and everything else...


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