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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shopping Spree

If you guys follow me on twitter, you probably know how excited I was for the line Missoni designed for Target. The collection was to be released today and I was ready to go to Target to get the colorful stripey flats I had my eyes on.
My cousin and I pulled up at the Westfield Mall in Topenga and I RAN to Target. I started looking around for anything with a zig-zag striped design on it but all I saw was empty shelves. I asked one of the people who worked there if there were ANY shoes left and he smiled and told me that EVERYTHING sold out in THIRTY MINUTES. There was only two pairs left but they were the ugly ones, in a size 6 and 10... the horror!

I returned to the shoe isle and was staring at the empty shelves when I saw a Missoni shoe box right in across from me in an abandoned cart. I looked closer and  it had a picture of THOSE flats on it with a size "9" printed on it, I got excited since I'm size "8 1/2".  I thought "eh, it's ok it'll be a bit big.. who cares!". I opened the box and here's what I saw.

A kids' size 9, an inch smaller than my hand.. I couldn't help but laugh. They were SO adorable, and if I knew a little girl who wore that shoe size I would have gotten it.

After my failed attempt of getting a pair of Missoni flats I was in a sad mood and decided that the only way to cheer me up would be to shop... and shop I did.
Here's what I bought

1) Leopard print tote from Target, a great bag to stuff all my books in for the new semester.
2) Leopard print top (yes I have a thing for leopard) from Love Culture, it was my first time in the store and they had some very cute things for great prices.
3) Green & Navy striped shirt + colorful tribal sweater from Forever 21.
4) Tribal print top, Charlotte Russe.
5) Ring (left) Love Culture/ (right) Charlotte Russe.

I love statement rings and I fell in love with this Peacock  one at Love  Culture, and it was only 6 dollars!

My love for turquoise jewelry is unconditioned. I just had to have this ring from Charlotte Russe. Also only 6 dollars (you can get three for ten, but I couldn't find a third pair I liked...)

Tide stain removing pens. A must for an accident prone person like me!
2) Maybelline Falsies mascara, my favorite mascara in the whole wide world!
3) False lashes. I've only wore false lashes once, for prom and I had them applied by the make-up artist who did my make -up that day. I really want to give them a try. Let me know if you have any suggestions and hints to the application process.
4) Goodies hairbands! Can't find this in Lebanon so I stock up when I come to the states.
5) Sonia Kashuk mini brush kit. SO adorable!
6) Nail polish pens in black and white.
7) Colorful nail polishes by Sinful Colors, you'll see the Nails of the Week posts pop up soon.
8) Rimmel "Fix & Perfect" primer. 

A close-up look at the nail polishes.

Seriously though, how adorable is this kit? It has the basic brushes. Perfect for travelling or just for carrying around everyday in your purse. 
And that concludes my crazy shopping spree.. ok so maybe it wasn't THAT crazy but considering I went to the mall to get a pair of flats and I came home with five shopping bags... it's pretty crazy!
Now if only I find two more pairs of jeans and a leather jacket I won't have to shop until Christmas (or at least until I get back to Lebanon).

Did any of you guys manage to get any of the Missoni pieces, if yes TELL ME!
Hope everybody has a good week :)


  1. Aline - I'm sorry that Missoni was a bust for you (although the kids flats were cute)! You definitely got some good loot! I LOVE leopard print and statement rings too! And those nail polishes are fab!

    I went to 3 stores (a little embarrassing) and got some stuff - some household, some for the hubby, and some for myself. I got a skirt, a hat, and a dress that's too big. Some may have to go back! :o)

  2. Dude i read voldemort instead of volume on the mascara :P
    I love your tops btw
    hey maybe that shoe wouldve fitted me:P
    Also i like the colors of the nail polish so im booking a manicure for when you get back

  3. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much!Wonderful rings!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  4. how are you nouchaline

  5. OH man Aline..... I can totally see you running into target to snag the best Missoni finds! You are good company of many who were so excited but returned home empty handed! I think you got a great haul...albeit, I was not exaccccctly expecting you to get 5 nail colours as I recall you had stocked up at F21 with a whole bunch...but eh since you didn't get what you wanted why not snag other goodies. And 2 more jeans and a leather jacket and NO shopping until Xmas...didn't SOMEONE just get some uber $$$$ shoes in France and said she wasn't buying shoes??? LOL I am giving you a hard time ;) Sounds like you are enjoying your trip, have fun!

  6. Wow, what a shopping trip. I know you were feeling very happy with no more blue skies. Those rings are to die for.

    Chiffon, Lace and Leather Fashion Blog

  7. Aw. This is very similar to my Missoni for Target experience, except my store had pumps that fit me. (One size big, too, but I after loading them up with the required cushions, they'll be tight until my feet are less swollen in the appropriate temperature to wear closed-toes.) I'm SO sorry it didn't work for you at all - but what I had REALLY wanted, I also did not get (a bath towl - for the pool!).

    Those kids shoes really didn't sell as well as the rest, I kept seeing them left behind, as well.

    You sound like I am with the retail therapy! Oh boy. I hope you enjoy your stuff!


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