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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shoe Challenge #15: Lady in Red

Two shoe saves in a week!It's a miracle I tell yaaa, a MIRACLE!!

WHAT:   Black oxford hybrids,City Classified from High Fashion (Burbank Mall)
WHEN: Friday September 3rd, 2011
WHERE: Out and About in Los Angeles
WITH:  Dress: TopShop/Bag: H&M / Sunglasses: Nordstrom/ Bangles: Accessorize+Vintage

Remember how I wanted oxfords? I got them. Actually, two of them. This is one of the pairs I got.  It is an oxford/ballerin hybrid with cutouts. Spotted it while walking around the Burbank mall at a store called "High Fashion". They had so many pretty shoes it was hard to walk away with only one pair! But I did, aren't you guys proud of me? :D (yes, I thought so).

As you might have noticed my hair is a friz-taculor mess. That my lovelies is my hair in its natural state, frizzy curls. I put it up in a high messy bun because you really don't want to see it let down. Plus I've been obsessed with high messy buns for a while, but I had never tried it out until today. It's different from what you normally see on the blog so I thought the change would be welcomed :) Do you guys like it? Ou also, if you guys have any suggestions for hair styles to try... do tell me!

I'm standing on a tree trunk trying NOT to fall.

You finally get to see the topshop red dress on me, ain't it pretty? It's a wee bit short, so I wore shorts underneath as to avoid a Lindsay Lohan. A very simple outfit, perfect for the ridiculous heat of Los Angeles. Actually, why am I complaining about the weather? I love the weather here! I get to wear lot's of dresses AND there's no humidity!!! I hayyytee humidity, blukh.

Anyways. I'm off to San Francisco in the morning for the Labor Day weekend. ROAD-TRIP :D

I shall be back by Monday.
For those of you in the states, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!
Enjoy the long weekend!!

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  1. These shoes are sooooo cute! We both have been on the hunt for new Oxfords! Love the cut out detail!

  2. hey, girl, hayyy! I love your red and those shoes are too adorbs. Thanks for stopping by! Glad to know you were unaffected by the storm. Thanks also for not making me feel like a loser for watching 'Monte Carlo!' lol <3

  3. Oh I have that dress. I love how bright it is. Great blog following. x

  4. I love this outfit ! you look beautiful XO

  5. sweety, thanks so much for your comment on my blog:) yea i also think, that it is a very easy-reading book. it's fun to read but it hasn't go a really deep sense behind. i like the girly-ness lol.

    hope you had a good day xxx
    btw. i'm your new follwer.


  6. I love your outfit! The shoes are fabulous! :)

  7. nice pictures. please follow me back, if you like. i'm following you.
    have a nice weekend, honey!
    maren anita

  8. Hey.... thanks for your lovely and interesting comment on my blog yday... been having a nose around urs, i absolutely love it! i am following you now, so i look forward to reading many more! :D

  9. Lovely outfit. The shoes add a preppy feel!

  10. Cute shoes and cuutttee outfit! Love the red dress!

  11. What cute oxfords! I have an almost identical pair but they're creamy white as well as black.

  12. thanks for your comment, darling!
    if you have a little time, please check out my new post, it's an artwork!
    lovely greets <3
    maren anita

  13. Hey, thanks for the comment!
    I like your style!
    Wanna follow each other?
    I followed you now!
    xoxo, Marianna

  14. Lookin hot as hell ya man ;)
    I absolutely LOVE the oxfords i can't decide whether to be happy that you found 2 perfect pairs or to be bummed that i didnt find any :P
    seriously though have you been working out you look fabulous

  15. nice blog its sooo cool that you are from beirut! Do you still live there? I have just been there this year! Went to Libabnon, Syria and Jordan in one trip :) Really like dBeirut :)


  16. Wow seems like u've stepped up the shoe challenge while ur abroad! How many of ur shoes did u take with u on this trip anyway?! :P


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