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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless

That whole promising my mom I wouldn't buy "another heeled shoe this summer" after the Balmain pair kinda went to hell this labor day weekend. As I already mentioned to you guys, my family and I went up to San Francisco for Labor Day weekend. It was my first time there and I LOVED the city. Although it's a wee bit too hilly, foggy and COLD! (Sheesh it was 100 degrees in LA and freezing in San Fran!).
We were walking around downtown and my uncle went to the information stand to get a map. While waiting I spotted a payless right next to us. My cousin and I went in to take a peak at the pretty shoes when this purple pair caught my eye. I looked closer and saw that it was actually one of the shoes that Christian Siriano had designed for payless. I tried it on and fell  in love!

She (yes it is a she) is called "Kristiana" and is SO comfortable, I don't even know how to describe it. She looks amazing on and the color is just so lovely, it brings a smile to my face!

I ended up wearing these to my parents' 31st anniversary dinner on Monday, will post photos later.
Until then do enjoy my San Francisco snaps!

At UC-Berkeley (Gooo Bears!)

Amazing graffiti in downtown San Fran.  

Seriously amazing graffiti in downtown San Fran 

Snapped this while having breakfast across the street.

unfortunately not THAT Broadway :P

The Golden Gate Bridge! SEE what I mean by FOGGY. So depressing :/

Hope you guys had a fun (labor day) weekend!


  1. wow these shoes are so cool:)
    & thanks so much for your comment! lol love mila kunis too! she's amazing!


  2. Those shoes are great! Fabulous color. And I'm so glad you enjoyed SF - it's one of my favorite cities!

  3. I loved the sandals! They are really beautiful, amazing color - and you said they are comfortable, so they are perfect!
    I really loved the pictures you took in San Francisco, I hope you had (I'm sure you did!) lots of fun there! And let's keep on saving shoes (and buying them as well!)

  4. Nice shoes!

  5. THE GRAFFITI! OMG so cool. those shoes are killer. I love the color!

  6. I absolutely love Christian Siriano! He is so those shoes.

  7. Those shoes! I'm going to have to swing by Payless and check them out. Anything fabulous and comfy is worth it, right? :)


  8. Great pics!
    I hope I can visit SF too one day...

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  9. Oh, those shoes are gorgeous! I'm definitely stopping in Payless soon to look for some myself! =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. love the shoes! great find
    and San Fran looks really interesting I've always wanted to visit

  11. FAB shoes and great pics of San Francisco!! :o)

    xo, sam


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