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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #14: Catalina

WHAT: Lime Yellow flats from Spain
WHEN: Sunday August 28, 2011
WHERE: Avalon, Catalina Island with the family
WITH:  Dress and Cardigan : Ross / Bag: NY & Co. / Hat: Tally Weijl. /Sunglasses: Nordstrom

You might have noticed that I finally found a fedora! It's not the plain beige straw I had in mind, but then I saw this color block pink and red one at Tally Weijl and just had to have it :)
Do you like the back of the dress??

The shoes were bought back in 2009 during my trip to Spain. I don't remember what the store was called but I do remember that it was in Avilla and cost 30 euros. They are hands down my FAVORITE flats. They're leather, super comfortable and add the right amount of color to any outfit :)

On Sunday the familia headed off to Catalina Island. We had to wake up super early and drive to Long Beach to take the Catalina Express to Avalon. The boat ride was super fun and FREEZING. If you're EVER to take a boat in the morning don't sit outside in the back, you WILL freeze. Take it from Popsicle me. Also, it will beyond ruin your hair. I ended up fish-tail braiding it once we got to the island. You can't really tell in the pics because A. most are not up close and or dark B. brown hair just does not photograph well!

Back to the island:
The island is full of fun beachy and adventurous things to do... swimming, jet skiing, para-sailing, zip-lining, kayaking and other things that I can't seem to remember. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any of the "adventurous" things and stuck with walking on the beach, tanning (YEAY farmer's tan), discovering the island and shopping!

Ou one of the cutest things about this island is that there are (almost) no cars. Everyone drives around in a golf cart. They even have "Student Driver" golf carts!!!

I'm supposed to be pointing at the boat gas station (on the right) but eh.. I ended up pointing at the theater/museum/cafe building.
Hope you guys had a fun weekend!
& enjoy the rest of the week :)


  1. Such a pretty place!
    The back of the dress is so cool :D

  2. I love Catalina Island it is so beautiful! Last time I went there by boat I did the same thing..rode in back and froze to death ahhhhhh!!! I love the cute fedora and so glad you finally found one!

  3. Love the lace on the back of the dress.
    Seems like a pretty place too!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  4. The back of the dress is very pretty! I like the pink and red fedora too.


  5. I love your shoes. Spain is one of best holiday places there is. Following. x

  6. great pictures and nice hat! chech me out.

  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    I like your dress! :)
    I follow you!

  8. so nice, thanks for your lovely comment. very funny you have the same orange bracelet :) i'm following you now. have a nice day and please check out my new post. lovely greets- maren anita

  9. great blog:)
    let`s visit and follow us if u like:)

    xx K&M

  10. It´s so beautiful!!

    Love your outfit!


  11. i love the color combination! the curry, pink and blue look amazing together! and yes i love the back of the dress

  12. Super cute dress and I adore your hat :)

  13. next time you're taking me with you -_-


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