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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Outfit Crush: I love LA

[Image source: Luvette.blogspot.com]

I just arrived in Los Angeles last night from Rhode Island. A lovely six hour flight with a symphony of crying babies and a certain someone with a dead ipod... yeah my bad, I really have a problem with charging things. Woops. 
 Conclusion: such a fun flight!

On a semi-related note, I love this outfit.
I'm not too keen on the whole shorts with tights thing, but I think Sarah pulls it off very well. My favorite part of the outfit is the red blazer. Yes, along with a pink blazer I kinda want a red one too! Also, love the sunglasses.
Oh boy do I have some serious shopping to do. I have bought a couple of things from my wanted list which I will show you this week, but I keep adding things faster than I'm actually purchasing them... At this rate I might have a problem.
We'll deal with that later though... I'm off to enjoy my Sunday with my family!
Have a nice end of weekend :)


  1. Ooo this look is HOT! I love LA haven't been in over 10 years but I love that city, my mom isn't fan she says it is dirty but whatever! So sorry to hear of a rough flight...6 hrs with crying kids is TOUGH! Enjoy!

  2. I've been contemplating the whole tights thing too. My conclusion is that they can in fact be pulled off!

  3. Love the red blazer! I just scored one yesterday at the thrift store and cannot wait to rock it!



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