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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nails of the Week: F21 Teal

My nails this summer alternated between China Glaze's "Grape Pop" a pretty purple (will post pics next week) and  O.P.I.'s "Dating a Royal" a bold blue (as seen here). By the time I got to LA I was SICK of the colors and decided that I'd find a new polish to post. My cousin and I were at Forever 21 and this color caught my eye at the checkout counter. It's a teal, a color which I've tried in a bold shade but never in a pastel... so I decided to give it a shot (plus it was only $2.80). I didn't have high expectations as far as wear-ability and chipping goes from the polish, I thought it would chip after a day or two...

FOUR days in and it still looks like I just put it on. NO chipping what so ever. The most amazing part? I got to the color of the bottle with just ONE coat. How amazing is that!?

I'm gaga over this polish and I have half a heart to go to forever 21 and pick out all the colors!
Have you guys ever tried F21 polish? thoughts?


  1. This is great, I've tried Forever 21 nail polish before and they have this awesome orange color.. I'm not a big fan of orange, but the color worked out really well!

  2. Great color! love it

  3. Really? F21 nailpolish doesn't chip and requires 1 coat? Ok I think I am going to pick up a few bottles tomorrow!

  4. i always love petrol! it is like the most gorgeous fall color and it will look good on anybody

  5. Never tried F21 nailpolish, but we will definitely have to go there now! Did they have a big selection of colors?

    Heather & Kayla

  6. I'm OBSESSED with this coloured nailpolish lately
    looks great! I wish we had forever 21 here that's a really good bargain


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