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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess what I did!

Hint #1: It's a shoe box (yea the box got a little bent in my luggage, Oopsi) 

Hint #2: It happened in Paris

I don't even know where to begin to describe how much on cloud 9 I was when I bought the shoe.  
This is my first "omgadesigner" shoe that I'VE bought with my OWN money, such an amazing feeling!

Here's how it went down. I was out with my mom in Paris around Le Grande Marcher and we went in just to look around. (Cz normal people can't afford that shiz :P) There was a sale (but even with a sale you can't afford that shiz). Then I spotted this shoe LAST PAIR, IN MY SIZE and ON SALE! If that's not a sign, then I really don't know what is! But even with sale though it was a wee bit out of my budget but not crazyy out of budget. (you know?) I started weighing pros and cons in my head.

Pro: BALMAIN. Con: almost broke. 
Pro: prettyy sparkle! Con: almost broke.
Pro: It's leather! (this is the only justification my dad needs btw when it comes to shoe purchases) Con: ALMOST BROKE *cries my wallet*
Pro: You're going to wear it for a looonnngg time (to like fancy events) so if you divide the years I'll be wearing it with the cost... it's not going to be so bad. Con: There's still a COST aka lot's of mullaa.

At the end though, I think you know who outweighed the other. 
Pro pro pro.
Surprisingly my mom was very supportive of my purchase, but she did give me the "If you buy this, you don't buy another pair of heels for  while!" speech. Which obviously I agreed to, but I you guys know me :P I don't know how long I'll be keeping that promise! 

And THAT is how little old me bought herself a Balmain shoe. 
True Story. 

Now, I'm going to walk around the house in my new shoes just because I can!
Have you guys done any crazy out of the normal purchases this summer? You know I have!


  1. AAH! Congratulations! They are lovely. First designer pair, and from Paris! :D

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO Excited for you Aline! LOVE Balmain and I don't even own anything from them!!! These are beautiful and they'll look good with just about anything! I am so glad you got them because this is a shoe where if you left and never went back for them you'd regret it! Cheers!!!

  3. Oh, Aline, these are just gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful - I'm so glad you bought these for yourself. You totally deserve them!

  4. wow! looks so good! want it :-)
    have a nice weekend and thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    i have a new post, check it out, if you like :-)

    lovely greets- maren anita

  5. Cute shoes! I love the color and the little gems on it!

  6. Gosh these shoes are stunning! :o
    I'm happy you listened to the pro's ;)
    Congratz with them!

    x Jonas

  7. Hehee destiny brought you to them! love them :)

  8. Beautiful!! Congratulations!! Those are a great purchase and I'm sure you'll be wearing them for a long time! Then, your cost-per-wear will equal everything out!

    xo, sam

  9. OMG these are gorgeous!!!! definitely worth it
    they look great on you and they can dress up any outfit

  10. These heels are gorgeous! I'm glad the pros won.

  11. Congrats! The shoes are just amazing :) I have bought Balmain belt few weeks ago and I can't wait to post the outfit in my blog. Designer clothing give really great emotions ;)


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