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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall 2011/2012: H&M

I'm still not ready to admit that fall is just around the corner; maybe it's the California sun, or the dread of university starting and falling into "the wake up and study routine"..NOT looking forward to that, I don't want summer to end!
But I know the time will come eventually, when I have to say goodbye to my sundresses and sandals and say hello to coats, boots and layering...
 One thing I am looking forward to this fall is the fall fashion. This fall is full of bright sweaters and colorful coats, no sad winter colors, just the way I like it! I've always loved bright colors in Fall, whether it's IN or not. But it's nice to know that my preferred style of clothing will be easily available in stores so I don't have to go hunting for a bright teal coat or something like that. 
A good thing for me, a bad thing for my bank account. 

I wanted to share with you the new H&M fall collection. 
My favorites include the mustard cardigan, the purple sweater and blue coat!
Good news? It's now available in stores :)

Photographer: Andreas Sj√∂din
Image Source: H&M Press


  1. I did not see any of this at H&M and I was there yesterday! I like those blue pants and the puffy skirt is adorable! I know the feeling about returning to school...is this your last year Aline? I finished my MBA in June of this year so this is the first fall in 2 years that I am not 'going back to school.' Will u kill me if I say...it's a really nice feeling? (hug)

  2. LOVING all those fall looks - I like bright colors in Fall also!! So excited because H&M just opened in Dallas!! YAY!!

    xo, sam

  3. Hi Aline ! Im lebanese too and I live in Paris :) If u live here it wld be a pleasure to become your friend, im also VERY interested in fashion and we have a lot in common :D check my facebook if you want : Nabiha Khairallah
    Keep up the good work on the blog and good luck for everything :)


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