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Friday, July 22, 2011

What's in My Bag- Visual FBFF

My mom always said that I shouldn't snoop around in other people's purses. But today's FBBF by Marie-Eve over at "A Pretty Nest" disagrees with that statement. You guys get a sneak peak inside my purse. It's a good thing that this post came along in summer or else my bag would have been filled with books, notebooks, calculators and other boring uni things!

This is one of my favorite purses, it works great for both summer and winter. It's big enough to hold the essentials but not too big to be a burden. It's from Zara with a large hint of Chanel inspiration- with the quilted body and the chain strap.
Let's see what's inside :

  1. Nokia Phone: The most important thing. Although it spends more time out of my purse than inside.. 
  2. Wallet from Nici: Yes I'm a little kid. Actually, my normal wallet kinda died recently and I still haven't bought a new one so this is sorta my substitute wallet. 
  3. Agenda. Plain black one that you get as a present from the bank. Can't live without it!
  4. KEYS. Car, house, P.O. box, locker, yea I have a lot of keys.. 
  5. Rayban glasses. I'll carry the box if I have the glasses on and if I'm wearing lenses, they're always in my bag as back up.
  6. Marc Jacob Sunglasses. Yup, these are my new pair.
  7. Make-up bag (You get a look inside that once you scroll down)
  8. Fan from my trip to Thailand a few years back. I try to have this with me at all times in summer because it's so hot! 
  9. Pashmina from Dubai. This is a habit I picked up while living in Dubai, where EVERYONE has a pashmina in their bags. Since it's so hot outside, all the indoor places have AC on and it can get really cold. So it's a good way to warm you up :)
  10. Sony Walkman. This mp4 has been with me since 2006 and yes it's old and sometimes falls apart.. I love it and it has over a thousand songs I love.
  1. Mascara! I ALWAYS have to have Mascara with me. Usually one by Maybelline... my current favorite is the Colossal Volume Express.
  2. Foundation. Rimmel Lasting Finish
  3. Powder, Rimmel Stay Matte
  4. Lotion by Anne Taylor "Blackberry" (I have a whole set so I tend to alternate with the lotion. I love the smell and the size of this brand!)
  5. Soft Kohl, in white by Rimmel. (My go to summer eye liner, i usually don't wear black eyeliner in summer because my face tends to melt and I don't like smudgy eyeliner so I just stick to white eyeliner under (from the inside) the eye to make my eyes look bigger.
  6. Lip Gloss by Maybelline "Stawberry Tart". I don't usually wear anything on my lips, but sometimes I'll feel like a gloss and my favorite is this. It looks great and tastes good too!
  7. NailPolish. You never know when your nails decide to crack and need a touch up.
  8. Solution for my lenses. The box is in my bag at all times too, I just forgot to photograph it. 
So what do you guys carry in your bag?


  1. I've been seeing these what's in your bag posts! I am going to have to do one but I am a minimalist so nothing in there is super exciting! I can't believe you lived in Dubai! That is SO cool I've always wanted to visit and your wallet is so CUTE!

  2. EEk my fav mascara! Oh and I really reallyyy love your fan! I carry one too and it's lace ( i have a lace obsession) but urs is so much cooler coz its got colors!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Your purse is adorable, very Chanel vibe indeed !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  4. I carry a fan with me in summer too. I have a few really gorgeous wooden ones. Reminds me that I need to dig them out of my drawer since it's 100,000 degrees out right now!

  5. Love how you take everything in your bag , mine is a pretty mess too with all that we might or might not need during the day.
    great blog ,great suggestion from another blogging friend who follows you.

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    Vintage Shopping in Como, Fendi sunglasses from the 80s Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

    Let me know if you decide to follow, It would be my please to start a blogging friendship.

  6. Such a pretty fan! Thanks for showing us a peek at your makeup back, too.

  7. Those marc jacob are really cuuute!

  8. Oh, this is not the right place for my last comment!
    anyawys; welcome to the Colossal team haha
    and i beleive this purple china glaze is pretty!


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