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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wanted: Skinny Brown Belt


Last night I was at Topshop and I found a very cute redish orange casual dress. It was the last one, in my size, looks great AND on sale. It doesn't get better than that! So I bought it, but I think it needs a light brown skinny belt... preferably plaited. I'm adding that to my wishlist (or more like to-buy list). 
Which one is your favorite??

PS. I'll post a pic of the dress as soon as I'm back from work :)


  1. The Top Shop one is adorable!

  2. Without seeing the dress it's a tough call....BUT I'd say the Mulberry would be my TOP pick :)

  3. seriously they are all nice, each ones channels a different look

  4. It's down to you girl! Whatever I say will be wrong, but not seeing your dress doesn't help.

    Good on ya for realising belts are the new bags!!!

  5. What a beautiful belts i like it thanks for shear it.


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