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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shoe Challenge #13: Lisieux

WHAT: Beige peep toe flats with cut out design, Lila Moda
WHEN: Wednesday July 27, 2011
WHERE: Visiting the Basilique in Lisieux and walking around town.
WITH:  Blouse: Monsoon/ Jegging: Vero Moda/ Bag: H&M/ Scarf: Mango/  Bracelet: Mother of Pearl. Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I was hoping to save 15 pairs of shoes before my summer trip, but I managed to only save 12. Which means that my shoe challenge is not taking a vacation. Such a hard thing when you can't take too many pairs of shoes with you because of this thing called luggage limit and weight limit. One side of me wanted to take around 10 pairs, but the sensible side knew that I should stick to flats that I'll be able to walk in for long periods of time and which don't weigh a lot... that sensible side also knew that the crazy side in me will come out some time during the trip and buy more shoes.

On to the pair which I managed to save in Lisieux. They're peep toe flats, yes I'm currently in love with peep toe flats. I bought them a couple of days before my trip because my trusty beige flats died on me just like my black ones (Oh the horror!). They're from Lila Moda, and made in Lebanon (Bet 7eb Lebnen, &eb sina3to- Rough translation: You love Lebanon, love its production). They're super comfortable, neutral enough to work with a loud outfit but they can also be the center of attention with a neutral outfit. It all depends on the styling :)

I'm currently having a blast on my trip :)
Hope you guys are enjoying your summer as well!


My mom loves to take pictures, I hate having my picture taken. I think the dilema is quiet apparent in this photo :P


  1. 1. U look tres chic. 2. I have changed my mind on peep-toe flats, they're fab and amazing and not old lady at all! 3. ENJOY ur trip!!!

  2. it looks beautiful where you are, be sure to take more pictures! I've just started a blog, please have a look when you can and follow me. There are interesting posts on the way and I want to get his show on the road. I really value any comments. Thanks x

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! You have impeccable fashion. I adore those shoes!

    Stay fabulous :)



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