Shoe Challenge #12: Floral - Nouchaline

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #12: Floral


WHAT: New Black flats with bow, Narelli
WHEN: Friday July 22nd, 2011
WHERE: Dinner with friends at Spot
WITH:  Dress:H&M / Jacket: Somewhere in LA.. can't remember/ Bag: Zara / Belt: Kenzo / Jewelry: vintage/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban. 

Every time I buy something new, I forget all the things I already own and just wear that same thing. Like this shoe for example, which I showed to you two days ago. It's been on my feet since Wednesday.. (obviously not in one long interval though). This reminds me of a term in accounting LIFO (Last In First Out)... last shoes bought, first to get saved. I bought these because my two trusty black flats died on me, so I had to get a replacement ASAP. They're from a store called Narelli on Arax St. 

Don't look at the "boo boo", I got it from falling off the Monkey bars. Yes, I play on the monkey bars like a little kid. It's so much fun!

Today's Shoe Challenge is more of a visual post. 
I'm so busy this weekend with packing for my summer vacation. I'm leaving on Wednesday to Paris for a week and a bit. I've never been to Paris before, but I've heard so many amazing things about it from my parents and aunt.Then I'm off to Boston I won't be there too long, but hopefully I'll be able to see a bit of it before I'm off to Rhode Island.Such a small state, but such amazing shopping! There's not tax on clothing and my aunt knows where to go, so I can't wait for our little shopping spree. Finally, I'm going to the city of Angeles which I miss SOOO much! Haven't been there in two years, and I miss the city and my family soo much. Can't wait!!!

While I spend my weekend packing, what are you lovelies going to be up to??


  1. That dress is perfect, love the colors and it's so flattering !

  2. Those Marc Jacobs flats looks great! A very cute outfit :)

  3. love you ballerinas ...they remind me of MIU MIU ss2010 collection.

    Following you now.

  4. I love that dress too! You are looking so great Girly!!!

  5. What a fabulous trip planned you have coming up! I am so envious of your trip!!! Have fun shopping at Champs Elysees, Paris is a beautiful city, I visited 3 years ago! SO excited for you!

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