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Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoe Challenge #11: A Not so Lebanese Wedding

[PHOTOS WERE TAKEN BY NOKIA ORO which I'm testing out, courtesy of WOMWorld/Nokia] 

WHAT: Green peep toes from Sashi
WHEN: Wednesday July 13th, 2011
WHERE: Wedding of C&E in  Jounieh
WITH:  Dress:Zara / Clutch: Vintage / Jewelry: Flee market in Armenia 

"GREEN HEELS!? what are you going to do with green heels!" that was my mother's reaction when she saw my purchase, this was back in 2008. Yes, green heels. I bought these as a present to myself for graduating highschool, and they're my favorite shoe purchase to date. The color makes it a bit hard to integrate into many outfits, but that's what neutral outfits are for! For a pair of peep toes, they are SO comfortable. A perfect shoe to be worn to a wedding. I paired it with the nude dress I got from Zara several months ago, it has a cute bow in the middle. The bow is not visible in the pics, that's what I get for taking pics with a phone at night (Sowy, click here to see the invisible bow ). Similar to the one on my shoes :) Tres cute!

A wedding on a Wednesday, weird I know. But it was the most adorable small wedding I've ever attended. There wasn't any tacky flower/feather/candle arrangements in the church, no generic big "Zaffeh"  at the reception, no showy off attendees... I almost forget I was at a Lebanese wedding! The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the church, and the reception was held at the Regency Palace Hotel. It was so beautiful!

Some of you reading this right now have no idea what I'm talking about, so let me enlighten you. 
Weddings in Lebanon have taken a turn to the extreme superficial... 

As Fergie's song Glamorous goes "glossy glossayy".

Dressing up and getting your hair did is one thing, but doing that for a Lebanese wedding is a whole other story. You need to hit the beauty salon, and you need to hit is HARD! Hair, nails, makeup.. everything must be professionally "DID".  No matter how sparkly, dressed up and amazing you think you look.. once you get to the reception you are going to feel under-dressed. Ladies here think they're going to the super-duper-dee-duper Oscars (normal  and plain old "super duper" Oscars are for losers, duh). 
The bride on one hand wanting to be the princess of all princesses on her "special day", the guests on the other, wanting to show off even more. It is so overwhelming, people forget about the meaning of the WEDDING (hellowww marriage), the getting together and celebrating the whole UNION of two people thing...nope none of that... just focus on the parttayy (which is fine... but to a certain extend though). 
This wedding I attended was not like that. People were dressed to the 9's, we partied hard and all that. But it was done in such a simple, elegant and cozy way. Somethings weddings here have been lacking for several 
years now.

 Now, enough with my wedding rant. 
How have you loveliess been?? 
Any plans for the weekend? Tell moi!

Ouu, I'm going to the 30 SECONDS TO MARS concert in Byblos tonightt!!!! wooot.


  1. I have a colleague who is Albanian and the weddings she attends sounds like the ones you described. The guests wear beauty-pagaent style gowns full sequins, tiaras, and ALL the jewelry they own! I've seen photos where guests wear 10 rings! Some guests even show up in a white dress to compete with the bride! YIKES! Glad you attended a down to earth wedding!

  2. Aww you look so cute! & the outfit is awesome! What's the story with the necklace? Also green? Have fun at the 30 Seconds To Mars concert!!

  3. Green shoes! They are indeed lovely. And I agree: that's what neutrals are for. They're a colour that really do 'go' with everything. Black, all the shades of nude.. I'm like that with hot pink sandals, actually. I've noticed that I do tend to buy a lot of pink sandals, for example:

    Let's face it: fashion should be fun.

    Love your post title, 'A Not so Lebanese Wedding'. AND your blog title. The 'strap line'. You sound like someone who is smart and funny - and you look like one of my closest friends, a lovely Italian woman named Valeria, who I miss dearly. Following you now btw.

    jill (London)

  4. Cute shoes! You look so pretty and classy - exactly what a woman should be :)


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  6. Such a great outfit!
    And those shoes are fantastic!
    Thank you for your comment!
    I loved it!

    Hilary Mae


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