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Monday, July 25, 2011

Nokia Oro C7 & Photos

No no, you're not in the wrong place. This is a post about a cell phone I got to try :)

The lovely people over at WOMWorld Nokia sent me the new Nokia Oro C7 to try out for two weeks.
It is a very fabulous phone, with an 18K gold cover and the back cover made of "Bridge of Weire" Scottish leather.It even has a pretty little crystal button in the middle. It costs around $1200. Yes, I almost had a heart attack when I thought I lost it :P

Fun fact, Oro means gold in Italian!

The phone runs on Symbian software, which wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be. I currently use a phone which runs on Symbian, so I was prepared for the glitchy-ness but the Oro's software surprised me. It didn't glitch as often as I thought it would. Only about three times in the two week period that I used it. MUCH better and faster than my current Nokia (E71). This was my first experience with a full on touch phone, and I must say it has many ups and down.

What I liked about the phone:

-Camera and Video. 8megapixels with flash, it took amazing photos for a cellphone. I even did a shoe challenge post with the pictures taken by the Nokia Oro. 
-Multitasking. It's one of the best characteristics of a Nokia. Yes the software gets annoying from time to time, but it let's you multitask like crazy. I would have the browser, a game, messages, and foursquare all at the same time. Easy navigation between all the open pages too, just press the crystal for a few seconds. 
-Playing games! Angry Birds, Ovi Map Challenge, racing games, recycling game... ahh I spend  wasted many hours playing games.
-Blue tooth headset. Amazing for driving, I don't even know why I don't own one already.
-Browsing online. The screen is big enough to allow you to navigate websites, it's a bit smaller than the screen of an iphone. 
-The leather back. Yea the front is all pretty, shiny and GOLD. But the back is soft but heavy duty leather. No annoying fingerprints like the front (I'm a little OCD with fingerprints on a phone). 
-Sync your own phone to the new one. All my contacts, texts, and calender entries were quickly transferred from my own phone to the new one. Making my life much easier.

What I hated:

-TEXTING. Let us NOT talk about the weirdo texts my friends and family received from me while I was trying out the phone. It might be my big fingers, but I could only text while it was in horizontal mode. Also,  auto-correcting is fine when you only type in English but for a person who is texting in English, Armenian and Arabic (while using English letters)... it's a bit of a hassle. 
-Switching between Vertical/Horizontal view took time. I've played around on my friends' iphones and once you flip the phone it switches instantly, but with the Oro it would take a couple of seconds.
-Battery life. I remember when I first got my Nokia E71, I would charge it and the battery would last up to 4 days... but the battery life of the Oro would only last me 2 days (without playing games etc.)

For more "technical" information about the phone, click here. 
 I'll now leave you with some photos I took with the phone :)

Yummy desert from Times Cafe

At the "Not so Lebanese Wedding" I was talking about, pretty wedding cake. 

On the way up to Sannine for a bbq.
What phone do you guys use?


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