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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nails of the Week: Snap, Crackle Pop

Crack nail polish, nope I'm not smoking anything, have been appearing all over the blogesphere lately. As a lover of crazy nails, I thought I should definitely give it a try. I just wasn't sure that the nail polish was a available in Lebanon...but surprise surprise, it is. There's only one brand I found though and that's China Glaze. I bought the grey, which is called "Cracked Concrete"... such an appropriate name because that is what it looks like after it's applied.  Check it out

(Sorry for the mess!)

As a base coat, I applied O.P.I.'s "Dating a Royal", which is a very lovely royal blue color, I had to apply two coats to get the color in the bottle. I then applied the "Cracked Concrete", I wasn't sure how it worked since it looks like plain nail polish.

 But as soon as I applied it, it nail polish started to "recide" and the "cracks" began to appear. It dried fairly quickly, which is a big plus for someone like me who tends to ruin her nails RIGHT AFTER application (I know, you know  what I'm talking about!).

The outcome was pretty, although next time I should go with a lighter base coat like a yellow or white.
Have any of you tried this "cracked" nail polish trend? Any tips you'd like to share?


  1. I think you are just as obsessed as I am with nail polish. I have the black OPI version "Shattered," and now need to expand.. maybe I'll try China Glaze..don't own anything by them yet.

  2. I love this! Never knew how it works out but thanks for the post! xx

  3. I used to have a few bottles in red, orange and black about 10 years ago - they were awesome, especially during Halloween.

    What I used to do was have a light base coat and only apply one thick-ish layer so I don't apply it twice. They apply the cracking nail polish on top.

  4. yes already tried it. as you said the base should be another color. these 2 colors don't go together for this kind of nail polish, you need to create a contrast, have a brighter color as base.

  5. As a base coat, I would put neon orange and then use black for the cracked one.


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