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Saturday, July 2, 2011

FBFF - Fashion formula

My first FBFF (Fashion Beauty Friend Friday) posts! Which, ironically I'm posting on a Saturday... it's not my fault though, I couldn't access the questions until noon today... so voila.

1.      What’s your go-to outfit formula?

Casual day and work: A cute top, with a chunky necklace, jeans, colorful flats, and an over-sized clutch or cross-body bag. 
Special occasion and more dressy days: I sometimes take my day look and just add accessories, a blazer  and heels. OR a cute dress with wedges or heels. 

2.      How did you come about this formula?

Well I don't have a uniform for work. But I need to be in something that's comfortable and also cute and quick. This "formula" helps me out in the morning, I don't have to stare at my wardrobe like a confused puppy for an  hour. Just grab shirt, jeans, flats, necklace and voila!

3.      Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?

Of course! Different occasions and moods. I'm a VERY moody dresser, so my style sorta changes with the events on my life and mood :P

4.      Has it morphed over the years?

Oh hells to the yes. I've always loved clothes but I went through so many stages in terms of the way I dressed over the years. I was super super girly when I was really young, then I discovered jeans and would only wear jeans, which evolved into a more tom-boyish style, which later went a bit rocker/punk, and then it was more average "normal", until finally to where I am today. (Which I have no idea how to discribe)

5.      Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?

I adore Amber's ( from Shoeperwoman) retro 50's style. It's not really a formula, but she pulls of the skirt/dress with high heels look so effortlessly, I just love it! 
[ Image source: SHOEPERWOMAN.COM ]


  1. I can totally see you in Amber's dress! The retro chic is totally you and I loved yesterday's printed dress! Beautiful!

  2. Hi Aline, wow, Amber is gorgeous thank u so much for introducing her I'm so gonna check her blog:)

  3. LOVING that striped top!!! I can see myself wearing that to work AND out on the town. I would love the pair it with those jeans, blazer and awesome pumps. Great pic! Thanks for visiting my blog doll!

  4. Great post! Love both outfits!


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