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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoe Challenge #6 : Loca Loca Loca

"I'm crazy but you like it
Loca loca locaaaaa"

You guys get to meet my BFF Shahine (oh and if you like sarcasm and football/soccer check out her blog Tackle Me Elmo). I forgot to take pictures of only my outfit, but whatever. Her outfit is cute too :)
Left: Shahine. (Dress from Bershka,)Right: Me :D

WHAT: Boring black flats from American Eagle

WHEN: Thursday, May 26th, 2011

WHERE: Shakira's Concert at the Beirut Waterfront 
WITH:  Dress: H&M/ Necklace: Vintage Silver/ Bag: Zara / Sunglasses: Vintage

You know those people (yea THEM) that buy a complete outfit for a thing they're going to that night. Without looking at the price tag or anything?
 They're all "la-tid-a dah-ling, I had nothing to wear tonight so I went to mall and bought this dress, isn't it la-va-ly?" Yeah... i'm not one of those people. 
I'll go through the whole "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" episode, but then I'll dig through my closet and find something. Only if it's some weird or super fancy place, say a ball or a Lady Gaga themed party, for which I really do have nothing to wear to, will I go shopping (on THE day)... even then though.. I look at the price-tag.

On Thursday, I did something completely out of character and became one those those "la-ti-da" people. 
My friend Bella and I were at Beirut Souks when I spotted this eye-hurting blue and red dress. 
I was in love. I tried it on, I fell more in love.
It was perfect for the Shakira concert that night. 
I bought it, but I did look at the price-tag and it wasn't too expensive :D woohoo
Do you guys like the dress?? (better say yes!)

On to the concert story:

Look ! It's Shakira!
She had her first ever concert in Lebanon on Thursday May 26th. I wasn't planning on going at first, but then insert some friend persuasion,  and voila I bought a ticket :)
I'm glad I did, because it was.a.blast. loca loca locaaaaa
I know how hot it gets during a crowded concert, and how people love stepping on other people's feet (ouch btw)... I decided to stick to a comfy dress and my trusty black flats.
Story of the Shoe:
These flats are from wayyyyyyyy back.
I got them in highschool, where we were only allowed to wear closed black or navy shoes. Blukh.
Everyone used to wear Dr. Martins, but I thought they looked funny on me (but good on other people).. so I stuck to flats. Plus there are mornings when you really don't feel like fussing with laces (or that's just me).
Back to the shoe.They're from American Eagle, they're black, and comfy... but pretty boring. Yeah, nothing more to say I guess.. 

Look! Fireworks!!
Hope everybody has a lovely Friday :)


  1. I totally liked the dress and I didn't find the flats boring, I liked them! Wow, you went to Shakira's concert! I went once, but it was in 2007... and it was great! Hope you had a lot of fun!

  2. Bet ur glad u didnt wear them high heels huh? :P

    Glad u had fun! And u both looked great!

  3. I have that same dress!:))) Isn't it a perfect summer dress?:) I love the combo of blue and red and the material is really light and breezy..

    here's me wearing it too:)

  4. Aww Aline!! Woohoo you witnessed Shakira play in the motherland!! :) :) you look trop cute even if you were la-ti-da for a day!! I'm lovin' the accessories too (bag/sunglasses/necklace)

  5. You look fantastic in that dress (love its colors), and the flats are not at all boring.
    You're so lucky to have gone to Shakira's concert. She only came to Greece once but I didn't have the chance to watch her live.
    By the way, thank you again for commenting on my blog. I'm sure you can find cracked nail polish in Lebanon too. :)

  6. hey girl! i was missin' you! glad i found your new blog :)
    it looks great!

  7. @Denise It was lot's of fun!!

    @BeirutBoy NEVER heels to a concert :P ouch! although, I kinda wish I had a pair so I could hit people with the stiletto.

    @MsVeve haha cute :)

    @Maya yup Shakira in the fatherland :P She even said "mar7aba loubnan"

    @Call me M thank you sweety :)the flats are a bit boring, but super comfy and my go-to pair of black it's ok :P

    @Chalres HEY GIRL! I was missin ya too! :) thanks for checking out the new blog! xo

  8. You can never go wrong with black flats,
    so they're never boring! :D

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  9. I LOVE that dress! It's bold, and bright just perfect! Looks great on you and the backdrop of the city is beautiful!

  10. Awesome dress! Love the brightness of it.. Thanks for your sweet comment girl


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