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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nails of the Week

Finals took a toll on my nails. You guys really don't want to know the state that they were in during my study sessions and exam times. All i can say is YIKES!
But summer has begun and uni is OVA, and I finally have time to take care of my nails.

I went a little crazy with the nail design this time. But can you blame me? I needed it :P
I was in a color blocking mood, so I thought, HEY! my nails should be color blocked too!
They look a bit weird in the close up photo, but in real life (and a bit of distance) they look awesome.The lines aren't too straight, I might have lost the hang of painting my nails *oops*. But you get the jest of it.
The final output sorta reminds me of sushi (the rainbow one with tuna/salmon and avocado).
I had somewhere to go right after I did my nails, and was in a bit of a hurry so I forgot to put on a top coat... which resulted in them chipping by the next day... But it's fine, it means I get to try a new design :)

Do you like ????

Here's what I used:

-->China Glaze "Revolution"
-->Sally Henson X-treme wear "Green With Envy"
-->Picco "#26

The "Green with envy" sorta looks yellow, but it's actually a yellowish-green. 


  1. Hi, I love it!The next time I'm doing my nails, I'm going to try this colour blocking too! thank u for sharing:)

  2. Love how did colour blocking on your nails! How long did it take? If this were'll be the year 3000 when I am done! lol

  3. I love your nails!how did you do the stripes?

  4. Aline, I hope you dont mind I used your picture as my inspiration in my post today- of course my result was less less impressive! :)


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